• The best Kris Menace remixes [as of 63 years of Independent India]

    15. Aug. 2010, 17:32 von arjesh

    Kris Menace is one of my favorite electronic artists right now. He does a lot of remixes and that is how I got introduced to him via MaPey. What I love about Kris Menace is how he can make tracks sound like they could go on forever. He is able to identify the most hypnotic/ecstatic parts of a track and expand them. And sometimes when there are no hypnotic/ecstatic parts, he invents and inserts them! All of this means that when he does a new remix, I have to track it down even if (/especially when?) it is a remix of a track by an artist completely unknown to me (e.g. Patrick Alavi) or an artist that I do not usually follow (e.g. Robbie Williams). The remixes sometimes resemble the original closely but often they do not. For example, the spacey remix of LCD Soundsystem's North American Scum (Kris Menace Remix) has only a rather tenuous connection to the rather rocky original. slbethard wrote:
    Fun! It's still the most fun of anything I've heard from him. …