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Hellyeah ist eine US-amerikanische Metal-Supergroup. Zu den Mitgliedern gehören Vinnie Paul, der frühere Schlagzeuger von Pantera und Damageplan, Sänger Chad Gray und Gitarrist Greg Tribett, die auch bei Mudvayne aktiv sind, und Tom Maxwell, der Gitarrist von Nothingface. Bis zum 18. April 2007 gehörte auch noch Jerry Montano (Nothingface, Danzig) zur Band. Einige Monate nach dessen Rauswurf wurde Bob Zilla (ebenfalls Damageplan) als Ersatz bekannt gegeben.



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  • Now that Audiotopsy is out there... kind of puts Hellyeah on the back-burner, in my opinion. Unless the next record is insane & better than the previous 4 combined... this band just is what it is.
  • Blood for Blood is a more ambitious record than the previous 3... I hope whatever they're currently working on is even better
  • Say what you want about the other records, but Blood For Blood is incredible.
  • HellYeah interview with Chad at Download festival
  • HellYeah! Rooooar!!!
  • Was the goal to set the bar SO LOW in the beginning that we're supposed to be 'blown away' by Blood for Blood... that album is about a 7/10 at best. The guitars lack ferocity... viciousness and integrity. The songs are so goddamn redundant and repetitious... I can't listen to the same riff with 1 or 2 changes for a chorus & mediocre bridge anymore.
  • Audiotopsy is coming!!! Look out... hey I stomached/supported this band through these first 4 records but now that BK Keeton, Tribbs & Matt (+ Perry) are doing Audiotopsy... this band becomes an AFTERTHOUGHT. I've loved and supported the musicians involved but this is not music that holds up very well after it is made... something about them, I guess they lack true chemistry or are too content or something. It really comes off in the weakness of the majority of these songs... I found some of them fun for a little while but when you come from Pantera, Mudvayne and Nothingface... this just isn't acceptable anymore. 5th album better be better than the 1st 4 combined otherwise it's time to shut this thing down, I've gotta be brutally honest...
  • @bcpeters1 Chad didn't (musically) write "Death Blooms"... I'm a massive fan of all of Mudvayne's work but when artists get older their priorities change. I think 'Blood for Blood' the last record was a big step in the right direction (after "Band of Brothers" was a small but significant one...) I'm a fan of all of Maxwell, Gray & Paul. It's solid, memorable stuff. Maybe not as 'ground-breaking' as Pantera, Mudvayne or even Nothingface was but that doesn't mean it doesn't have any value, either. I enjoy it for what it is... quality hard rock/metal music. Songs like "Moth" and "Hush" on this last record are good, don't care what anyone else says.
  • a "headlining" band with the top song around 300 plays. ahaha haha.. what the fuck. Amon Amarth is in the thousands.
  • Fuck the Haters...

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