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  • lol. u fucking gay, haha. The metal band fucking owns the twee band
  • Haha, very amused to hear that mooseking. Gotta love Heavenly (the twee poppers rather than the French metal dicks)
  • Oh, this is only a bit wrong. What's wrong is that one industrial band from Germany who are calling themselves Talulah Gosh...
  • If you like Heavenly and other French metal bands (like Adagio, Manigance, Fairyland, etc.), you can join this new group: [url][/url]
  • my god, I think I've found a new favorite
  • LOL! Of course I look exactly like you told... hahaha! Take a look at my profile picture, and you'll see what I really look like... You're so pathetic dude, I simply can't believe it! End of the debate, I won't reply to you anymore, all your arguments are nullified by your stupidity.
  • metal is a cliche. the black tshirt, the ripped jeans, the long unwashed hair, we can spot you a mile. its you metal dickheads that are calling it twee rubbish that started it. And you call me cliche! Look in the mirror and see whos living the cliche.
  • @Ryantan: Maybe you should open your mind and stop the clichés. And please don't tell us what we don't want to do ;) ... Get a life dude :)
  • Amelia Fletcher on her band's name: Everyone was getting into loud rock, which I absolutely despised. So we came up with a group name that no one who liked loud rock could possibly like: a deliberately cissy name.
  • I knew this issue was out there, but this is the first time I've run into it. What a drag!
  • metal is shit. you guys need a life and get over your angst. twee forever!
  • Wikipedia handles this by suffixing entires like Heavenly_(Awesome_METAL) and Heavenly_(awful twee_rubbish). :D Guess which one I was trying to listen to. :P
  • I think it's totally impossible to seperate two bands with the same name. The truth is that the pop band doesn't exist anymore, so the real and only Heavenly active nowadays is the French power/speed metal band. Btw, Heavenly is probably the best French speed power metal band, and they're quite famous in the European metal scene! ;)
  • This is so funny... while listening to an indie pop stream, power metal started playing out...!!!! But seriously, staff should fix this.
  • what, you mean you don't like some 'medieval metal' in with your twee pop?
  • Heavenly (the indie pop band) have just uploaded almost all their recordings. So people can see the difference for themselves! We have also asked Last whether there is any way of separating the bands. In the meantime, if anyone wants to tag one or other band, it might be best to tag the relevant records rather than the band name...
  • the pop band heavenly is amazing!!!
  • yes indeed, the other band is MUCH different! [url][/url]
  • Great French power metal band ! Their 4th album should be released soon ! (apparently the other band is not a band but a musical project or compilation, I can't tell...)
  • it appears as though two separate bands are combined as one on this page. both are VERY different!


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