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  • Avatar für Hideki-Ryuga
    holy shit the ending of this song is the most awesome thing ever
  • Avatar für GNR27
    The drive of this song.....
  • Avatar für BenjiMetal
    singers sounds a bit like bruce dickinson, which is a cool thing
  • Avatar für Kertalaaki
    The leads @ 5:08! Beyond awesome !!!!
  • Avatar für Kertalaaki
    The intro of this song is a fucking neckbreaker!!!!!!
  • Avatar für Fbombnegative
    The leads @ 5:08! Awesome
  • Avatar für hammerstrikebg
  • Avatar für Dyomaeth
    Holy shit.
  • Avatar für Cheapskateninja
    I really dig the sort of middle eastern tone they have going on with the guitars. Increeedibly catchy!
  • Avatar für dadmompawlyk
    they aint no fallen shadows can they even make the ozz fes?
  • Avatar für megadave70
    I hate the singer !!! I saw them open for Destruction and he just sucked it. Nobody could be further from metal - grow some hair and get a tattoo you sissy!!
  • Avatar für szymonSKC
  • Avatar für emptycookiejar1
    This is really good. I think Heathen has a tendency to be a little bit overlong with a few of their songs, but this is just good from start to finish.
  • Avatar für vovillia
    This has to be their best song, so fucken awesome
  • Avatar für DavCnuk
  • Avatar für KeenanJohnston
    Love this song. Heathen are a great thrash band.
  • Avatar für P0Z3RK1LL3R
    Heathen! \m/
  • Avatar für Bleedsade
    me likey...
  • Avatar für tyrant666
    Great song and good official video from the song that was released 2 weeks ago!
  • Avatar für Discrowned
    Absolutely off the hook! A lesson in ass-kicking!
  • Avatar für Karosazzz
    When this song started right after intro, my mouth opened wide. Insane!
  • Avatar für ryujijitei
    Ow, my anus.
  • Avatar für FlauschiHasi
    I orgasm'd
  • Avatar für nopuppet
    mighty heathen thrash
  • Avatar für neonschwarz
    HOLY SHIT. That is all.
  • Avatar für thejackyl
    shitty drum sound
  • Avatar für nopuppet
    the wait has an end
  • Avatar für tyrant666
    Awesome track
  • Avatar für BlackChucky
    Killer track!
  • Avatar für G30rGe
    KIckass song!!!
  • Avatar für plasmazombie
    Awesome comeback.
  • Avatar für Kermit-Warfrog
  • Avatar für 666Angelripper
    fucking awesome!!!
  • Avatar für Thrasher_Dge
    kicks your ass from inside
  • Avatar für MarhaBdg
    pwn x5 ..?
  • Avatar für Martzel10
    pwn x2
  • Avatar für mimisnowball

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