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  • Avatar für southstarmusic
    that freak in his sandals,with his long prutty hair ♫♥♫
  • Avatar für kallyons
    More of a commentary on rednecks than religion....
  • Avatar für emmaforman
  • Avatar für Allronix
    @Athelstan87 Well, the incident with the money-changers and equally distributing the loaves and fishes would get him labeled a Commie these days, and Jew...well, yeah. No kidding.
  • Avatar für walruzzi89
    To those offended by this: I just don't care about you.
  • Avatar für Athelstan87
    To those offended by this: he's taking the mickey, as proved by that line about 'commies' and Jews...
  • Avatar für fuelking1
    Dang I love this song!! It's especially funny since I am a beliver. I know God has a since of humour...don't belive me go to your local Walmart.
  • Avatar für BigChoupique
  • Avatar für RCori
    ...I'll kick in his ass...
  • Avatar für hunt4one
    Sad thing is, he'll never know him talking like this. He'll find him one day, and Jesus will tell depart from me, for I never knew you.


We''ve been dating since high school we never once left this town
We use to go out on the weekends and we'd drink 'til we drowned
But now she's acting funny and I don't understand
I think that she's found her some other man

Songtext für Hayes Carll - She Left Me For Jesus



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