• Cheater Slicks w/ Haunted George at Don Pedro's

    13. Sep. 2007, 3:48 von BobbyDowns

    Fri 7 Sep – Cheater Slicks, Woman, Haunted George, Guinea Worms

    Don Pedro's reminds me of a combination of 1/4 of the shows I used to go to at squats and 1/2 Williamsburg 4 years ago with 1/4 Williamsburg now. The drinks were too expesive so next time I bring my own.

    Haunted George was excellent. Lofi, gravely, two dudes, two guitars, one mic, and a kick and snare operated both by foot pedals, and it was the best band that night. Tim Warren of Crypt played great records. The band before Haunted George was fine but missable. They finished, but started coming back to their instruments, but before they could the DJed music came on (thanks, Tim). Cheater Slicks were good, but it was late as hell and my mind wasn't blown, so we left halfway through their set. They're definitely a good band but I was too spent for it.