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Harry Gregson-Williams

The Wardrobe (2:55)


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  • Love this kind of story since i found a "secret chamber" in my school......and no,it wasnt Hogwarts,and no,there was no Basilisk!
  • this song is so gorgeous! absolutely mesmerizing
  • i love the movie! this music for this theme in the movie, one of the best scenes ever!
  • I absolutely adore the lion witch and wardrobe. I grew up in that wardrobe into Narnia! the animals, snow, icicles and fur.
  • Gives me goosebumps and that lovely tickly feeling in the back of the neck. Damn how I love that story and that movie... and the music.
  • Loved the Narnia books as a kid (Still do, actually). For awhile I wrote knock-off stories with kids finding hidden worlds in random places.
  • 7.5/10
  • mmmhhh nice :)
  • WOW!
  • Demais !!! Aslan !
  • makes you want to open the door to narnia
  • It really is magic but... also a piece of brilliance :p
  • aslan
  • My name is Harry too. :) Another lovely score.
  • beautiful
  • incredible. I love this soundtrack.
  • it's a magic.
  • Nice.
  • magica...
  • *.*
  • i cant thank williams enough for this music...
  • I climbed in a closet, closed the door and found there was no handle on the inside. I was in there for 3 hours. That seems like a long time when you're 35.
  • i think the music was brilliant though..
  • As great and awesome as Harry is... 'Narnia' was just a failure... on all fronts: artistically, and musically. It felt like a 'plastication' of the books. Did not feel genuine at all... I'm hoping a new Narnia film series will appear someday.
  • I climbed in a closet when I was a kid, and all I got was scared.
  • Anyone else climb into a wardrobe as a child and close the door, just on the off chance?
  • awesome! <3
  • I love this piece of music... Just the right amount of childlike wonder, whimsy, and amazement.

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