• mssr Bodie

    18. Jan. 2007, 2:23 von BodieM

    Okay ,

    Review your cd? I had the entire thing done last night. I had it in preview mode and I clicked the link to J.J. Alberhasky to see if it worked. Of course, the second I did this I was gripped with a feeling of despair. I'd realized my mistake. Firefox took me to J.J. Alberhasky's page as I frantically tried to click the stop and back buttons, almost simultaneously. So, back to "Write a New Journal Entry". The text box is completely blank. It was like preparing a fine meal, only to have your conniving dog gobble it up while you turned your back to grab some parsley for garnishing purposes. Anyway,

    mssr Bodie

    Backyard-- I tend to like Guster's last two albums more than the first three. This song is reminiscent of the bongo heavy songs of the first three. Certainly I like a lot of tracks with their old sound, but not this one. 3/5

    Do You Remember-- I've been trying to act like I don't like Jack Johnson anymore, but I can't deny I still like almost all his laid back and gentle songs. …