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Für diejenigen die mit Messern EP

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  • [i]"What was that ruckus?"[/i] ▴ Whelp, it wasn't those damn tri△ngle-ASCIIholics & democrats...though truth be told, the alternative's a soggy milquetoast version of the phrase 'alternative,' as per the K-Tel/Now That's What I Call Music!/Casey Cumsomewherelse mentality that asserts itself with requisite scare quotes. ▴ Wait? What was that? ▴ I mean, sure: it might be nothing more than the major of *less* my extrasensory perceptions are receiving (among the other channels, obvs: "The Gang's All Here/What The Heck Do We Care!") ▴ Odds are just as great you asked "What gives?" as that my noggin's all static-drenched from some sick-ass sample of Miss Cleo you've excavated from the Infomercial Hall of Shame & are currently dragging & glitching the bitch beyond the parameters of human comprehension. ▴ Whatever the case, the arsenal of interruptions here on yr page—as in: the [1],[2],[3][4] in the undertow? Yawnage Needing Pwnage... Besides, I REALLY want more than REALity, anyway.
  • Consider this proper PROPATURE hereby served: thank you for creating from the [darkest corners] of your heart, for the ⁎ △℞Ŧ ⁎ ⟣ ⸨ For everyone else, there's "Jersey Shore." ⸩ ⟢
  • remove from chillwave
  • yeah straight emo-writing....
  • is this for real [4]
  • is this for real [3]
  • is this for real [2]
  • is this for real

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