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  • hey, i think new pics are needed, so i just uploaded some. please vote?
  • i have a candylion in my room. xx
  • I've only been listening to him for three days and he's in my top twenty already. I love Beacon in the Darkness so much. What a beautiful album of lovely.
  • candylion is very pretty.
  • true. this song with boom bip is so happy! i love it :))
  • By the way, should you ever bump into me in the street, my name is S K Y L O N ! !
  • i'm loving the new album so much... oh skylon is amazing!! and hilarious... heh! gruff just keeps getting better
  • i see some folk have tagged a song as 'lonesome words' which is understandable, but incorrect. on the record sleeve itself it does say 'lonsome' so let's get them tags right :)
  • Lovin' the new album. Lonesome words is fantastic
  • To all you haters Love kraft is amazing. And candylion is great.
  • i love gyrru gyrru gyrru <3
  • candylion is amazing
  • anticipate Neon Neon. boom bip and gruff collaborating on some shiz. going to have choral arrangements by the magic numbers, and some rap by one of the pharcyde. how's that for genre bustin?
  • I loved candylion, the whole album. it's amazing. :)
  • Lots of new proposed images. Get voting.
  • Skylon! is fantastic. If you're going to write a 14 minute song, I say write it about being a bomb-disposal expert who happens to be on a hi-jacked plane sitting alongside a dodgy actress! Best album of 2007 so far - heh!
  • I'll also be bagging this as soon as it's released. Much better than the first. How good is Skylon?
  • True, true
  • Radiant. His new album is fabulous and I'll buy it as soon as it hits the shops.
  • I saw him before bright eyes too, and enjoyed his set more than bright eyes. A LOT more.
  • He opened for Bright Eyes in June, and was fantastic indeed.
  • Meh? Gruff is a musical genious. :|
  • meh


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