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Groove Armada

At the River (4:08)


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  • Still fresh
  • If you're fond of sand dunes and salty air..
  • love this
  • relax
  • Fantastico
  • Maravilloso!!
  • !!!!!!
  • ..bring da beach a´m chillin´
  • the beach,a nice chilled glass of fine aussie white and good company ♫♥♫
  • to me it's perfect to listen after a Rammstein song, that works for me
  • very good, i love this trumpet
  • Got really obsessed with Cape Cod because of this. Better version of Old Cape Code for sure.
  • Really wishing I was at a beach right now.
  • Ultimate summer sunset song.
  • trumpet meets beat - greatful...
  • I love this!
  • Really wishing I was at a beach right now.
  • love the vocal sample! it works surprisingly well
  • Love it. Brilliantly chill track.
  • Nice chill track
  • YES.
  • def got this on my chill mix at home, like them slow jamz haha
  • old cape cod
  • ......)))
  • It's December,it's pissing down,but suddenly that doesn't matter.What a gloriously gorgeous song this is.I love this so much.
  • I love sand dunes and salty air, red sunsets glowing and igniting the evening sky.
  • thats the Andrew Sisters from the 1940's singing a sample from their rendition of"Old Cape Cod" Remember Boggie Woogie Bugle Boy was another one of their big hits. God I'm old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • ...can feel the sand between my toes with this one, (and that's not great 'cos I'm at my desk at work!)......
  • Not shakin' that ass to this one.
  • This song is sunset-red between the clouds.
  • respeckt
  • magic sound
  • Heard a bit of the original on a Die Hard movie.
  • 1 of the finest tunes ever made! takes you instantly to a caribbean beach........bliss
  • I always have this tune in my head, whenever I think of Groove Armada or I wake up tired and hope it's going to be a sunny day at least.
  • This track almost passed me by first time round, but now I have to admit it is a classic.
  • This. is. a. tune.
  • Havent heard in years - perfect for this sunny day...
  • I fucking hate sand dunes.
  • When you need to chill this is the song you just have to play
  • ahh it's nice to have this mellow tune slap bang in the middle of my punk playlist. :D
  • What a tune.
  • Fine :)
  • this song always reminds me A Good Year movie. great music, great movie
  • pure summer
  • Apparently I'm fond of sand dunes and salty air.
  • still so dope
  • Great cover. Fond memories of this era, mainly involving pubs and beer!
  • Super Track!!!..........I Lov It !!!...........................................
  • Always loved the original this is taken from by Patti Page; such a great tune. This is great as well.


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