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Project “Grinda + ZigZag” was created by two people Grinda (Grigoriy Martynov) & ZigZag (Nikolai Egorov) . They both were composing as amateurs in DNB sphere but separately. After an accidental acquaintance in January 2006 on the internet portal “Promo Dj” they decided to collaborate.

Their first mutual work “Boomerang” was well criticized at once. It was noted by Dj ART and entered the collection “From Russia With Love (Mixed by DJ ART)” and was released at “Gunsta Records”. Their mutual tracks went into rotation on Radio “Record” in “Russian Hour” show led by Dj Gvozd. Later Dj Toper proposed guys to release their track on the second part of the collection “From Russia With Love Vol.2 (Mixed By Gunsta)” on “Gunsta Records”.

The most significant work was “Alien” that with dj Gvozd assistance entered the “Pirate Station 5 Russian Edition”. Right after that two tracks “Snows Falling” written together with moscow DNB produsor “Soulfix” and remix on dj Zemine - The “Murderer” also famous on russian DNB sphere entered the compilation “All-Russian Drum and Bass Convention VI Selection” on label “Respect Records”.

At present time “Grinda + ZigZag” collaborate with “Respect Records” and others Russian DNB producers. And of course they work on new tracks!

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