• Bands I've seen live 2014

    17. Jan. 2014, 12:24 von spankyx

  • Items On My To-Buy List: Part One

    4. Nov. 2006, 4:05 von jennyukari

    Nell Vol. 5 - The Healing Process

    While I like Nell's previous albums, I was blown away by this one. The melodies in this one are gentler and sweeter. It's a very relaxing melodic rock album. My favorite track, 'Hyeonsirui Hyeonsil' (track #1) is currently up on Musical Chairs in case anyone wants to sample it before they buy it. I love this song - It makes my insides feel all floaty. Kim Jong Wan's vocals are lyrical and flow like a well-written poem. :) Other favorites include: track #8 "Maeumeul Irta,' (this is also up on Musical Chairs, but in music video format) and track #9 'Annyeonghi Gyeseyo.'

    Sori - Over The Sea

    If you're a Musical Chairs follower, you might remember a song I put up of SoRi's called 'Kkhum' when the 'Let's Go To The Beach' layout was still up. It's was a favorite of mine from the 'Let's Go To The Beach' soundtrack. At the time, I really wanted to get their single, 'Over The Sea.' But... I never buy singles - especially ones that cost $9.99. …
  • Recently Purchase Items

    25. Okt. 2006, 10:47 von jennyukari

    Rumble Fish Vol. 1 - Swing Attack

    I tried getting this album some time ago... but failed because Yesasia didn't have it in stock. I found it on Annyoung... and now I'm just a very happy girl! This album is like no other in my CD collection. It fuses rock with swing and jazz. Jini's vocals are amazingly strong and powerful... yet very feminine. It's just a really cool album. I don't think enough people listen to these guys! I'd rank her up there with Gummy in terms of vocals - and you know how much I love Gummy. I hear their 3rd album is going to be released soon! I can't wait! I'm planning on having the complete Rumble Fish discography so long as they continue to produce awesome music.

    윤도현 밴드 Vol. 7 - Why Be?

    I don't need to explain this purchase. :P This album's got a little bit of everything for all rock-and-roll lovers. My favorite is track #6 - 'It's Gone.' Yoon Do Hyun's vocals are filled with both grace and power. And this rock ballad shows off just that. This album is a two disc deal. …
  • Upcoming Planned Purchases

    10. Mai. 2006, 9:10 von jennyukari

    My two toughest final exams are over... that's why I have time to write all this crap. :X I can't believe that I was complaining about how I couldn't find anything to buy a while ago... now I have too many albums I need... um, want to get. The following is a list of stuff I'm gonna buy eventually and mini reviews of each item... if you can even call them reviews... just my usual ramblings...

    Fly to the Sky Vol. 6 - Transition (Repackaged Special Edition)

    I'm buying this no matter what my sister says... it's my money! I can do whatever I want with it... *pouts* I mean, I certainly can't and won't spend $75 on the music key thingamajig so I was actually happy about this release... I'm finally get those three bonus songs. <3 You must be thinking, "wtf? She's crazy!" But whatever... omigosh, I'm so excited! It includes three new songs that aren't on the original sixth album - track #13 "Illusion," track #14 "Hot & Cool" (omigosh, Brian raps in this song. …
  • My Asian CD Collection

    5. Feb. 2006, 7:02 von jennyukari


    Vol. 4 Once N 4 All
    Vol. 5 One Way

    Vol. 1 Open the Road

    201 (Special Edition)

    Bobby Kim
    Vol. 2 Beats Within My Soul

    Vol. 1 The Brian
    Vol. 2 Manifold

    Brown Eyed Girls
    Vol. 1 Your Story

    Brown Eyes
    Vol. 1 With Coffee
    Vol. 2 Reason 4 Breathing?
    Vol. 3 Two Things Needed For The Same Purpose and 5 Objects

    Vol. 1 Morning of Buzz

    Vol. 1 Introspect

    Vol. 3 Between
    Vol. 4 Polyester Heart
    Vol. 5 Tender

    Vol. 1 Donawhale

    1st Storybook "Hug"
    2nd Storybook "The Way U Are"
    Vol. 1 Tri-Angle
    3rd Storybook "Special Photo Essay in L.A."
    Vol. 3 "O"-正.反.合(Repackaged Version D) (CD+DVD)

    Vol. 1 Just My Way

    Epik High
    Vol. 3 Black Swan Songs (Repackaged Special Edition) (2CD)

    Vol. 1 Hard to Breath

    Vol. 1 Radio Dayz
    Vol. 2 Spectrum

    Fly to the Sky
    Vol. 2 The Promise
    Contact: Fly to the Sky & Kim Jo Han Joint Live Concert (CD+VCD)