• Best of 2010

    2. Jan. 2011, 13:34 von keport

  • 60 songs of 2010

    19. Dez. 2010, 18:33 von IschianoScalo

  • Most Played Mid-2010

    20. Jul. 2010, 3:17 von pecusita

    Oh, July. Seventh month of the year. It's been incredibly hot and it makes me cranky, so I'm not in an all rant mood. I even compiled this list about two weeks ago and had not posted it for lack of motivation... still nothing. So, in hopes that the 30 or so minutes it took me to calculate this and crosscheck with scrobbles do not go to waste, I'm adding mostly one liners.

    7x2=14 picks. It's been a varied year and nothing below that managed to average double digit plays. Forth!

    14. Toro y Moi - Causers of This
    83 plays - averaged 8 plays per track

    Chill what???? All I'm going to say is that I can play this entire album on my commute to work and there's still time left to repeat a song or two!

    Most played:
    Fax Shadow - 16 plays
    Blessa - 15 plays
    Talamak - 14 plays

    Song that needs to pick up the pace:
    Causers of This - 3 plays

    13. The National - High Violet
    133 plays - averaged 12 plays per track

    What's that pundits say? Mastering your trade?…
  • Holidays are always great !

    30. Mai. 2010, 17:49 von bigtuxXblue

    Hi there!

    I'm on holidays since wednesday, i love this, i can do nothing, nothing at all during almost 4 months ! But seriously, who cares about my holidays (except me) ?! No, you're lucky, i'm not here to speak about that ! I'm here to speak about a gig, an unexpected one, but a funny one ! We won two tickets to see Jacques Dutronc, it's a famous french singer ! So here we were, we went to Grenoble on wednesday evening to see him. Yes, it could be a bit weird because i do not like french singer but i like him cause he's pretty funny, he makes me laugh because his songs are pretty amusing. So the gig was fun, they played some known songs like Les cactus, Paris s'éveille, La fille du père noel, ... and some others i did not know. Indeed, the average age was higher than usually, even if the people were older than usually the crowd was great !

    In few days, ten days exactly, i'll be in paris for some shopping, visiting friends and family…
  • Plastic Beach - Why You Should Love It

    16. Mär. 2010, 6:28 von wyvernxk7

    Have you listened through the new album by the Gorillaz, Plastic Beach? If not, what ARE you waiting for!?

    This album took about half a listen-through before it caught. I was listening to it in the car, and thus wasn't paying the most attention to it, so when I got in, I immediately immersed myself with a pair of headphones... That was yesterday. I've listened to the album and bonus tracks, demo tracks, and the Stylo remixes, all of which add up to ~85 glorious minutes, about ten times since then. The album is simply pervasive and addictive.

    One listen-through might merit it a lukewarm reception, but only because it's very much a concept album. The casual listener will hear one word, repeated over and over: Plastic. It is a motif for the album, but is interspersed in a way that, once you are submerged in the music, it no longer stands out (except a bit on Rhinestone Eyes, but that song is so fantastic that a little awkwardness almost helps to strengthen the rest of it, if that's possible).