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Dizzy Up the Girl
Goo Goo Dolls

Dizzy Up the Girl


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  • my fav album when i was 10
  • my fav album when i was 10
  • Takac ruined it
  • Uiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii I totally love it !!!!! (and the girl's dress, of course)
  • one of the best albums of the 90s
  • mangstappp
  • as someone who basically only listened to punk rock in my youth, the dolls were a rare departure from the genre for me. it took me a while to get used to the change in their sound from boy named goo when this came out and i thought for the longest time it was too "soft". however as i've aged i think i've come to realize this will always be their best album overall.
  • Bullet Proof is underrated off this album.
  • bullet proof is awesome
  • LOVE the songs All Eyes on Me and of course Iris, and i love this album cover.
  • black baloon *-*
  • I love the song "iris", it's so great & so beautiful... [2]
  • Slide - <3♫♪♫ღ ♫ღ♥ ♫♪♫ღ ♫ღ<3
  • lovely voice, heartbraking sound!
  • Acoustic #3 Much love. This album will always be one of my favorites.
  • Such a great album, it's gotten me through a lot of early mornings.
  • One of my favourite albums.. great songs! Hate this place, all eyes on me, acoustic#3, dizzy, broadway, bullet proof... awesome...!
  • IRIS♥
  • how can i listen to just this so new to this
  • I love this album ♥
  • Classic album. One of the best of the 90s.
  • ahhhhhhh their all in 30 seconds onlyyyyy!!!! thiss suxxxxx eggssss
  • I <3 Goo Goo Dolls *-*
  • Iris & Acoustic #3 remain two of my favoritist songs ever!
  • One of the best rock albums ever in my opinion. Oh the memories and damn... I know the songs by heart of listening so much to this great album. Became a fan when it came out, actually... And never looked back ever since.
  • vvv Get Superstar Car Wash.
  • this is probably the best album of the 90s, Amigone and Acoustic #3 are favorites
  • <3 this album SO much... there isnt really much else I can say lol
  • All Eyes On Me is simply incredible.
  • Wow, why I like this album so much i'll never know.
  • what an epic album!buy this not just for iris because there are other 5star songs here .eg. black balloon,broadway or slide.
  • Best CD. Ever.

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