• Albums of the Past While

    12. Jan. 2010, 0:26 von Dandy-Jon

  • When I first heard my 50 Top Last.fm Artists

    15. Aug. 2008, 12:58 von ted_blurn

    I was thinking maybe of doing something like this when I got 5000 tracks scrobbled, but it's a dull evening and I've got a long download going, so let's go. Here's my current top 50 artists, and where I first encountered them:

    1. Nine Inch Nails
    Heard Closer on the radio in late 1994 when it cracked the Australian top 10. Took quite a few more years to become a fan though.

    2. Nirvana
    They were everywhere on the radio in 1991 and 1992. Of course you've heard a Nirvana song, even if you weren't even born then. As a young kid, all I knew then was that there suddenly seemed to be a lot of good music on the radio.

    3. The Clash
    Knew about these guys for quite a while, but the first time I was really conscious of "hey, I'm listening to the Clash" was at my brother's 21st. There'd been a mixup with the music and all we had to listen to was a Clash greatest hits album, and Rock the Casbah got played over and over...

    4. Curve
  • Re-Discovery

    8. Jun. 2007, 0:03 von WindJackal

    I just found last.fm again and realised I have an account.
    Loving the documentary on current.tv too. :D

    Listened to alot of new and , Dizzee Rascal and Wiley mostly. That put me in the mood to go to town and train, so I set off on the bus and did lots of Parkour with a few friends.

    Now the night is falling I'm leaning towards the more disturbing gypsy/circus punk of Gogol Bordello, my favorite album of theirs being Multi Kontra Culti vs. Irony. Gets me in the mood for acrobatics!
  • I'm lonely!

    12. Dez. 2006, 22:03 von stevo2012

    So I feel as if i'm alone in this world (and when I saw the world I mean this site) when it comes to my musical taste. Even my neighbors only listen to a portion of the music that I find appealing, while other listen to the other portion, along with much I detest.
    Sad thing being, in the real world I know quite a few people that I share musical interest with, but I don't seem to get along with them, or know them very well.

    Because of this website I have tired to expand my musical interests by exploring new and unique artists, some of which I think are great, but for the most part, I am not the biggest indie fan.

    of Montreal is great, yet I can't see myself too devoted to them.
    Wolf Parade is also great, yet I can only listen to their album so many times.

    Now when it comes to what I truly enjoy listening to, well...
    Choking Victim and Leftover Crack are high on my list, but screaming pissed off music, while I find it this easiest to enjoy in the moment, once again, I think i've out done it.
  • 4am review

    29. Sep. 2006, 2:54 von RedGlow

    Oh, funny, It's 4am and I'm still wide awake. Damn. Which reminds me 2 AM, oh so fine. Pity I'm 2 hours late. Anyway. Nothing incredible to advice, but there's something fine anyway.

    Very fine electronic music. One of the discover I made through last.fm, who continously proposed this band to me, and it was right. I'm quite enjoying it: right enough experimental without getting to hard to listen to without much concentration.

    Multi Kontra Culti vs. Irony
    Ok, I'm late for the Gogol Bordello hype. Ok, they're nice and funny, but when looking to cabaret I still remain more an afficionado of dresden dolls. For the rest... interesting style mashup, but I'm not getting so excited. Am I so harsh towards them because I missed their concert when they were in Bologna?

    I listened too little times to this album to give an overall impression, but I think I will get to like it quite a lot in time. It's that kind of album which the first time you hear it you ask yourself what are they moaning to…