• Wedding Themed Shuffle Quiz

    8. Jul. 2006, 0:01 von rever

    You know the drill ...

    What song will be played upon our (the couple's) entering the church?
    Title: Love Dump
    Artist: Static-X
    Comments: Geeez, that's a really bad choice I think .... my winamp hates me?

    What song will be played to kick off the evening party?
    Title: Trashed and Scattered
    Artist: Avenged Sevenfold
    Comments: The people that will come will be already "trashed" and then scatter imediately =P?

    What will my wife's personality be like?
    Title: Thoughtless
    Artist: Korn
    Comments: Dunno what to think of it =P, mebbe tis' right =P?

    Will cheating become an issue?
    Title: Some Assembly Required
    Artist: Mudvayne
    Comments: So as long as we don't put it together it'll be fine? Good, I was worried ... =P

    What will me and my spouse do on our honeymoon?
    Title: Burning Inside
    Artist: Static-X
    Comments: We'll have our honeymoon in the tropics or something =P? Nice =D.

    Will the marriage last, or will there be some sort of divorce?