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  • she is so pretty and sweet.
  • chaza8: you can buy the CD on it's own on amazon if you don't want to pay for all of the extras.
  • The album is really great in my opinion, but $47 for the cd subscription better be worth it.
  • anyone looking for spambots?
  • this girl is pretty
  • mmm. I had to order the LP (+ subscription). Absolutely fantastic album.
  • great album, will order the lp as soon as avaliable
  • Guh, don't know, I don't really like her voice too much. The title track is beautiful though. B&S should do something like 69 Love Songs with a shitload of guest singers.
  • that link below = a whole bunch of spam. lol.
  • it is not possible to express how much I adore this.
  • I truly love it and will buy the album as soon as possible!
  • oh, beautiful... very girly!
  • Fuck yeah, finally! So cute.
  • <3 it!!! Just lovelylovelylovely, can't wait for the movie
  • Absolutely Beautiful!
  • wonderfull songs , i like it!
  • One of the greatest things I have ever heard. Can't understand how so many can criticize it.
  • This is excellent.
  • Lovely...
  • Love love love love love (L) (L)
  • This is fantastic... :>
  • funny little frog in my THROAT. Not throw-it. That threw me off at first listen.
  • :)
  • amazing record. stuart does it again.
  • Stuart Murdoch <3
  • i actually prefer brittney's voice .. can't stop listening to funny little frog ahhh
  • Music being "too jazzy" is like saying Pizza is "too delicious".
  • I really dont understand how you guys can label this album as too jazzy when the only "jazzy"song last s for just 1 minute and 15 seconds. And it just shows how the band tries to venture into what I would call as simple jazz. The album is pretty much Stuart himself and is lovely.
  • I'm not sure how I feel about the voice yet. It's almost too jazzy for me..
  • Finally got my copy!!! Listening and enjoying...but I am a huge fan. Great project Stuart!
  • pretty great.
  • wow. wow, this is awful. whats happened to you, stuart.
  • I've just got a promo copy, its amazing :D
  • Just listened to it. Lovely, just lovely!
  • This record is pretty amazing, srsly
  • I can't wait to hear this record. [2] just amazing
  • An introductory video - And song!
  • This is rather lovely :)
  • I like how they sound similar to the early B&S. That's probably the best thing about this act.
  • Come Monday Night is 100% win. PS FIRST SHOUT!!!


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