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Acquiring The Taste
Gentle Giant

Acquiring The Taste


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  • good to listen in cold days [2] yesss
  • My favourite GG record.
  • An album of strong imagery, an absolute definition of modern rock.
  • Hard to get into it but when you get, holy shit, this is pure gold.
  • I actually got into this from first listen. Amazing album, a great follow-up to the debut.
  • It's a peach:
  • This album did take some acquiring the taste, but once the taste is acquired, it may never be lost. Such a magical album! *_*
  • for me---if not a giant fan --a difficult album--but alot of great stuff going on--wreck is pretty easy to get into and the rest takes some work--for me a really good album--an aquired taste
  • good to listen in cold days
  • The second half of the album is fantastic.
  • Cover seems like a tongue licking an arse, however when you open the booklet you can see is actually a peach [2]
  • Cover seems like a tongue licking an arse, however when you open the booklet you can see is actually a peach
  • love it. man, i'd completely forgotten about this album. used to listen to it on a daily basis some years ago. my favorite prog album ever, probably. love the cover, also, so subversive. it's an apple, btw.
  • it means that their music is "hard to swallow" and this album helps you "get into them". i mean it IS lighter than the debut.
  • I never liked the cover. It makes me think of somebody salivatingly licking an ass
  • ass licker
  • wats the tounge lickin??? looks like a butt XD
  • I read somewhere that gg fans are divided on this album, but I think that is ridiculous. at acquiring the taste, gg is exploring their darker side and by that they are doing a fantastic job. I like many gg songs from different albums, but as a whole I think this is their best album.
  • Best cover artwork ever... [2]
  • Best cover artwork ever...
  • Edge of Twilight, Wreck and The Moon Is Down are my favorites from this, even though all the songs kick ass!
  • Gentle Giant is 1 of those few groups where they did 6 or 7 albums that were so good, that it's very difficult to choose a favorite. Acquiring The Taste is 1 more of their outstanding albums!!!!
  • Absolutely Fucking Superb
  • it sure is experimental and these experiments are striking... well, exelent piece of art
  • " ... An almost incredible leap upwards and forwards compared to the debut, this album still stands as one of the highlights of early British prog-rock. The liner notes say it all: we have recorded each composition with the one thought - that it should be unique, adventurous and fascinating. It is a rare event, that this is not only expressed in words on the cover, but actually hearable almost everywhere in the music. ..."
  • A unique piece of art.
  • Their Best Album
  • My favourite GG Album at the moment...
  • Album art reminds me of Monty pythons animations
  • The House, The Street, The Room is surreal !!!

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