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Genod Droog was formed in early 2005 in a police cell in Cardiff, after being caught up in a soccer hooligan rumble and being wrongly accused. This is where Dutch DJ Kim De Bills met Mr Phormula, an American-born Welsh bred rapper. Following a discussion about soccer chants, the topic turned to music.

Thankfully, no arrest was made and Genod Droog was born. That night, the pair went out to see some live music. Having seen nothing they liked, they returned to their hotel where a smooth lounge trio was playing in the corner - their name was Golden Image. It was a very bad name but they had a great smooth lounge sound. The band consisted of brothers Dyl Mei, Gethin Evans and a poet known only as 'Nine tonne' who has his own chair, which he takes everywhere with him. Following their set, they all talked about lounge and agreed that Golden Image was actually crap. The brothers and the poet quit the band and then the fun truly began.

Mix a black rapper, a Dutch DJ, a Breton born French speaking Welshman (did I mention he has his own chair?), a South Korean born drummer and a Northern Korean keyboard/guitar player, and you get the amazing sound of Genod Droog. The sound is a mixture of TV themes, French electro Pop, Welsh folk, hip hop, dance and funk, all reflected in a live show.

Genod Droog Following their first show on top of Snowdon, the highest mountain throughout England and Wales, they were singed to the Welsh label, Slacyr Records. They will release their first album in 2007.

The Welsh Mirror says:

"Imagine Sesame Street skipping rhymes progressing onto cheerleading chants; the tragic parts from the Lassie soundtrack merged with the epic moments from Knots Landing. In this revolution where electronics is fuelled by a live band, it seems that the best parts of Anglo-French-American popular culture have been condensed into a picnic hamper and exploded live on stage."

Genod Droog Snog online says it's a band that:

"Fuelled by love and desire, the music crashes triumphantly along to combine electronic music with the energy of a live rock band: blaring, distorted samples, noisy guitars and Mr Phormula gleefully rapping. Dancing, yelling, hugging each other, the audience do everything to express their approval - short of forming human pyramids. They are right: it's hard to think of anything pop music has to offer in 2005 that's more fun than this."


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