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  • oh fuck off with auto correcting to shitty tags
  • This is ridiculous. Plenty of artists have recorded under multiple names. For the album Mani, he used the name Dorine_Muraille. Unless he re-released the album under the name Gel, there's nothing incorrect about these tags, which are from Spotify in my case, BTW.
  • Julien Locquet is known by different names. As far as I know he only calls himself Dorine_Muraille on the album "Mani". On the two (highly recommended) albums released on the Japanese Plop label he is called Gel:. To confuse matters further there is rapper that goes by Gel as well. Somehow the two names Locquet goes by have been combined - though perhaps not wisely.
  • "Gel:"? what retardation is this? this project is called Dorine_Muraille, plain and simple. the name Gel isn't even mentioned anywhere on the cd.
  • great stuff!
  • bravo julien...
  • Is the best thing that i never ever heard in my life
  • good

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