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  • I like this band. They were from Leeds, and Joy Dvision From Manchester. I love them both, because I feel in their music real English soul
  • Guerilla war struggle is the new entertainment, GUERILLA WAR STRUGGLE IS THE NEW ENTERTAINMENT!! Entertainment!, such a brilliant album, it isn't hard to see why these guys influenced so many bands, or at least people in them.
  • it's funny how bloc party rip them off. no disrespect.
  • it's so funny how hard franz ferdinand rip them off.
  • Sometimes I'm thinking that I love you. But I know it's only lust.
  • Damn straight.
  • The band that created creativity.
  • sucked at coachella
  • Their music is drug-like. I can't get enough.
  • The moment I was born... I opened my eyes... I reached out... for my credit card.
  • Reppin' The Big Takeover. Nice. In fact, I cut that picture out the other day.
  • Saluti G4!
  • I'm going to see them live today!! For sure, it's going to be an amazing concert!!! uhuuu
  • Sawthem at Indian Summer Festival. One of the best bands at the festival, beaten only by Broken Social Scene.
  • i luv them :Q
  • the current artists pic of gang of four is pretty wishy-washy, how about voting for a new one?
  • [group]First Wave Punk[/group]
  • Ahead of their time by far.
  • I LOVE how Return the Gift has a dollar inside it!
  • fuckin awesome
  • What We All Want is perfection. All of their songs are..
  • I need more of their stuff. ;__;
  • To state the obvious, one of the greats.
  • Not enough stupid young hipster kids appreciate Gang Of Four. Bloody hell, if it weren't for them, then I doubt a lot of these post-punk revivalist bands would have the sound that they have. Ha!
  • can't get enough of this
  • Gang of Four <3
  • Gang of Four get my vote for most criminally underappreciated band. Ever!
  • Anthrax has got to be one of my favourite songs ever..


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