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  • This is a cool Band.
  • These guys remind me of Sleeper Agent. I'm a big fan of both, and anyone looking to discover some dope new music, check out Sleeper Agent's new track "Waves" at Waves[dot]SleeperAgentMusic[dot]com
  • Really into them.
  • Free Energy's new album, "Love Sign," is $5 at
  • this band is a lot like the band fun. (aside the worse songs of some nights). personally i wish theyd make some of their tracks a bit more epic and less dance poppy focused. love the band though, great stuff!
  • Love sign is a masterpice! :)
  • I love this new a,bum
  • i'm a little disappointed in love sign tbh but it's still good so
  • Love Sign is sooo not as fun as Stuck On Nothing, but I'll still spin it heavily.
  • Review: [url=]Free Energy – Love Sign[/url] [3.5/10]
  • Love Sign is sweetness
  • New album is ace.
  • No shouts in 7 months? C'mon people. Anyways, the new LP sounds pretty good. I think I liked the second half more than the first but overall I think they made a wide decision editing the length down as compared to their debut.
  • Guilty-pleasure-core. Something about their cheerfulness feels a little cheesy to me, but I can't help but love it, especially during gorgeous summer days.
  • They were the soundtrack to last summer, and I already know "Electric Fever" is going to be in heavy rotation this summer.
  • Awesome free show in San Diego yesterday, guys. Thanks!
  • i liked hockey night more. but these guys kick ass too.
  • can one of you please send me the song: free energy? my email address is: or you add me in skype ;) thanks
  • Great band! Can't wait to see them in Chatt in two weeks, hurry up!
  • strokes
  • <33 thanks my life as liz
  • so good
  • One of my all time favorite bands, reminds me of special friends and good times Hope Child is what i want people to play at my funeral
  • Bare Wires shares a lot of tastes with these guys, I feel.
  • This is so good!
  • I'm still in shock that these guys are from my city. It pisses me off because meanwhile I'm in my room just staring at my guitar in the corner when I could be rocking the hell out like these guys!
  • These guys are such a blast. I've shot them three times, and they were a dream. Here are the most recent photos:
  • Free Energy on The Sims 3..awesome!
  • Ended their tour in DC last night (12/1/10). These guys rock! PHILLY!!
  • last day of school music
  • Good live band.. Definitely channeling Thin Lizzy..
  • No bullshit rock and roll. The world needs more bands like Free Energy.
  • wnc
    Wait, they're opening for Weezer?! And Weezer is playing Pinkerton in it's entirety? I guess I'm going to a Weezer show now. Didn't think I'd be saying that ten minutes ago.
  • Met them after their show at the Paradise, awesome bunch of dudes. Their show was crazy good, so much positive/free energy and smiles all around.
  • I can't wait for these guys to blow up. Count it.
  • Really great band ! They're amazing on stage !! :D
  • Free Energy sounds like the music that Weezer would be making if they still made good music.
  • Awesome show @ The Loft this past Friday!!! Come back to Dallas soon!
  • Hows their setlists on the Free and Foxy tour?
  • i got free tickets to their show, but it was at a 21+ club. needless to say i was bummed.
  • Check out the Bruce Springsteen cover by FREE ENERGY on their split tour 7" w/ Titus Andronicus @ the Drone >>>
  • I first started listening when Free Energy EP came out. I saw the shaun white commercial, and thought "Is this free energy? Sounds liek them." To my surprise, it was!
  • I think they're a great opener for Titus. Not as punk but still very high energy... Titus joined in for Free Energy songs and they came out during a couple Titus numbers. Seem to have a good touring relationship down. Totes rad.
  • I saw them tonight, having only heard "Dream City" before. Am definitely a fan now.
  • Could do without the extreme lovey-dovey stuff opening for Titus Andronicus. I was confused. Still am. Whatever. Go Pens.
  • This band must have phenomenal live energy. Just saw this pic: Wow!
  • good to hear the hockey night guys are still doing stuff. i sadly never got to see them, but hey, here's the next best thing. Remind anyone of Sweet?
  • These guys were great at Reading!
  • I have a feeling these guys are going to get bigger. [3] They'd better, damnit! :)


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