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For All Those Sleeping (abbreviated as FATS) is a American post-hardcore band from Minnesota that was formed in 2007.

Mike Champa, Jerad Pierskalla, David Volgman-Stevens, and Ethan Trekell met in high scool. They formed For All Those sleeping in 2007, after gaining London Snetsinger on bass. The band independantly released an EP in 2008. In Mid 2009, they released a music video for their song I'm Not Dead Yet.
In Late 2009, For All Those Sleeping signed on to Fearless Records and went into the studio with Cameron Mizell. Their debut album, titled Cross Your Fingers was released on July 20, 2010. Also in Summer 2010, the band is expected to play in the Go Fist Pump Yourself Tour with A Skylit Drive, Tides Of Man, Sleeping With Sirens, and Abandon All Ships. Never Leave Northfield is expected to be the band's next single.

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