• my musical week <> jan29~feb05(10th)

    10. Feb. 2006, 21:25 von chickrocksteady

    well i wanted to do my review of my weeks listening at the weeks end naturally, but seeing as how they were late and i didnt get mine till it is now lol. and is actually from 29thjan till 10thfeb instead, in terms of stuff that isnt my charts..but anyway O:!

    well since my recovery from my SEVERE HEAD TRAUMA OF THE BRAIN i have returned to the gig-going scene. kinda. this week i went to the nme tour thing..Maximo Park, Arctic Monkeys, Mystery Jets, and the other one i cant remember.
    jets were good! they were on first..then the other band, not memorable ): arctic monkeys were a bit hit and miss, but scummy's quite good. maximo park were better than i thought theyd be. wouldve been a bit better, but i was on the balcony, not on the floor at the stage booooo...
    i also saw Captain Everything! this week! WHOA funkin great, as expected. one of my favourite bands ive seen live i think (: immature! haha, i like that. and soooooo good to sing along to.

    ive spent so much money on cd's this week...fuck \: