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FictionJunction YUUKA ist ein japanisches Pop-Duo, bestehend aus der bekannten japanischen Pop-Künstlerin Yuki Kajiura (梶浦由記) (Komposition, Texte und Keyboard) und der Sängerin Yuuka Nanri (南里侑香).

Die Lieder sind hauptsächlich bekannt durch verschiedene Anime-Serien, z.B. Gundam, Tsubasa Chronicle, Madlax oder .hack//Roots.

Ihr neuestes Album "circus" erschien im Juli 2007.



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  • Avatar für Thanatar18
    Regrettably I've yet to explore the rest of FictionJunction YUUKA's music. But how could anything from Kalafina (which is good, mind you) beat Romanesque...
  • Avatar für Seasonreaper
    As much as I love Kalafina, Cazador Del Amor is arguably my favourite Kajiura-related track.
  • Avatar für AnreteaXul
    FictionJunction YUUKA > Kalafina > other music
  • Avatar für HawtSammich
    Even though we are lost, this gravity created between us will One day pull me Back to you.
  • Avatar für Seasonreaper
    You're wrong there Anretea. I think you meant to say 'All Yuki Kajiura projects > other music'
  • Avatar für AnreteaXul
    FictionJunction YUUKA > Kalafina
  • Avatar für DanteEspada
    Would really love it if Yuki Kajiura teamed up with Yuuka again. Plus, she needs to sing again with all the other FJ girls. [6]
  • Avatar für Kougeru
    暁の車 ~ReTracks was a nice treat
  • Avatar für Kougeru
    ASUKA doesnt exist anymore that's why. She's Airi Yuhki for the last 4 or 5 years.
  • Avatar für Kawashima13
    v She actually did, FictionJunction CLUB released a single recently, one song with every FJ girl + Hikaru from Kalafina(the only one missing girl was ASUKA), and b-side called "Silent Moon" is a new FJ YUUKA song. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q_7i6pCLlWg Silent Moon

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