• New Slaapwel Records Release: Steinbruchel

    8. Okt. 2008, 18:00 von wixel

    New Release: "Home" by Steinbrüchel

    Hooray! There's finally a new record! Awesome!! I mean: "Calm down, no need to get all excited. It's time to sleep".

    I got in touch with Ralph Steinbrüchel when he asked me about the first slaapwel release, probably little over a year ago. As things usually go, one e-mail led to another and eventually steinbrüchel seemed the perfect artist to compose a piece that would be excellent at inviting sleep. He accepted my invitation and confirmed my assumption by sending me the excellent "Home" a few months after the invitation. Home by SteinbrüchelAs with all releases I have to "test" it before I can release it as a proper slaapwel record. For this one I remember receiving the disc, deciding not to wait until it was bedtime, but rather play it on my home stereo, while lying in that big comfy sofa in my apartment. The sun was just right at that spot where its warmth spreads all over the sofa and was shining through my eyelids. …
  • light cycles

    11. Mai. 2008, 17:13 von nrvnet

    After a very long absence I am finally posting a new mix--light cycles. I love repetition in music–-music that uses the constant repetition of notes or themes or sounds as a basic structure to the composition. I wanted to put together a mix where all of the pieces used repetition as a major part of the cut. I also wanted to use pieces that had an “ambient” feel to them but that also were bright or upbeat. The title of the mix was inspired by the movie Tron. light cycles starts out fairly slow and quiet but becomes more vibrant as it goes along. Near the end it almost rocks out with an amazing piece I stumbled across by Can. The Can piece Future Days uses repetition to great effect. This piece is also cool because it was done back in 1973 but still sounds amazingly contemporary. I hope you enjoy light cycles. Like the last several mixes it is somewhat of a departure from the typical ambient…
  • podmix 003

    6. Sep. 2006, 6:16 von darkry

    This podmix didn't come about nearly as organically as the previous lists but is reflexive of the same kind of order manifest random collisions of chance. With a small window, a haphazard selection and too-fast fingers I inadvertantly deleted most of the contents of my iPod. Crashing iTunes after I realized what was going on saved 8gig of the 38g's that were on it, and saved the iTunes database so I have a log of the tracks, their ratings, and the playlists that I had built. Progress rebuilding the iPod is slow, so in the interim this very contemplative list assembled itself from an evening listening to some recent stuff I have on my laptop.

    1 Halving The Compass - Helios
    2 Bay - Mountains
    3 When Sunday Comes - Idaho
    4 Lunate - Manual
    5 Pup Is Seeing Now - Fenton
    6 Methusela Tree - Goldmund
    7 A Chronicle Of Early Failures, Pt Two - The Dead Texan
    8 Lazy Sunday Funerals 03 - Marsen Jules
    9 I'll Read You A Story - Colleen
    10 The One Acre - Goldmund
  • best of 2005

    22. Dez. 2005, 20:49 von cerebral_itch

    The Campfire Headphase
    Vladislav Delay - The Four Quarters
    Bardo Pond - Vol. 6
    The Golden Oaks - Autumn Testament
    Auburn Lull - Regions less Parallel

    port-royal - Flares
    Alias & Ehren - Lillian
    Boom Bip - Blue Eyed in the Red Room
    Colleen - The Golden Morning Breaks
    M83 - Before The Dawn Heals Us
    Hood - Outside, Closer
    Kammerflimmer Kollektief - Absencen
    Deaf Center - Pale Ravine

    Autechre - Untilted
    Christ - Seeing and Doing
    Julien Neto - Le Fumeur de Ciel
    AGF/Delay - Explode
    Koushik - Be With
    Shuttle 358 - Chessa [12K] / Fenton - Pup
    Odd Nosdam - Burner / Untitled Three
    Moby - Hotel Ambient [V2]
    The Ivy Tree / Chris Smith
    Pedro - Early Pedro
    Populous - Queue for Love
    The London Apartments - Romanticism Aside
    Deadbeat - New World Observer [~Scape]
    Stephan Mathieu - The Sad Mac
    Jack Rose - Kensington Blues / Pelt - Untitled

    The Boats - We Made it For You
    Supersilent - 7
    Brian McBride - When the Detail Lost its Freedom