• Shuffling all the colors..

    6. Nov. 2008, 0:02 von Daeniele

    ..and yet, I think that somehow I already know the answer. But I'm probably going to keep that for last, just in case someone's really reading all this crap.
    It's been a fantastic week so far, and somehow I believe (delving once more in a delightful state of mind, part childishness and part foolishness) that it's just going to get better.

    So, lacking sleep, after some hard work and a nice evening in the "patinoire" of Lausanne.. here I am exploring my music library and playing the following game: after putting my iTunes on "shuffle mode", I'm going to answer some questions just following the stream of random songs. So.. here we go! ^^

    How are you feeling today?
    I Feel It All, Feist
    What can I say more? A touch of joy with a bit of weirdness from this lovely Canadian perfectly fits the moment. Couldn't have found something better in.. well, let's say 10000 days ;)

    Will you get far in life?
    Sleeping With Lions, The 69 Eyes
    Ouch, this second tracks bring me back violently on the ground.
  • Fear Factory Concert

    1. Dez. 2006, 9:48 von The_Croc

    Its been SO long since I went to a concert, I honestly think its been close to a year. So few bands I enjoy come to Winnipeg that I miss the opportunities. Almost went to Frontline Assembly a few months back but that got cancelled 2 days before the concert b/c their bus broke down.

    Anyways back to topic -
    Fear Factory, Hypocrisy, Decapitated and Suffocation.

    Im by no means big on metal and I went to this solely for Fear Factory, but overall it was what I was expecting. However the lead singer for Suffocation annoyed the living crap out of me with his air guitar and constant hand gesture (I use the non plural form since it was the same gesture at least 50 times)

    Fear Factory played a nice variety from their library just sadly none of their slower songs which I really enjoy, but I wasnt expecting that to occur anyway.

    Im bored so I typed this out :) Id print out a tracklist but Im too lazy, offhand I remember in no particular order:

    Slave Labor
  • When Heroes Fall From Grace

    17. Apr. 2006, 16:16 von orenigma

    I wanted to look at an interesting phenominon today. That phenominon is the general collapse of what I like to call "The Big Three" in metal. Those three are Sepultura, Pantera, and Fear Factory. These three fine artists all have one thing in common. They all fell out of grace, to one extent or another, with their listener fanbase... at least that's the impression I get from talking to a lot of fans and building theory from their opinions and my own. Let's look at each artist individually to give them proper examination.


    Sepultura came about in the '80s as a seminal thrash band with a lot of aggression. Their talent, tenacity, and ability to shred was clearly revered by metal fans all around the world. These native Brazillians showed us all what it meant to thrash. But, they, like the other two bands in question, fell into disfavor with their fans due to internal squabbles and conflict. Max Cavalera left the band after Roots. …
  • Top 5 Alternative

    11. Apr. 2006, 10:58 von x-smurve

    1. In Flames
    First Song: Touch of Red
    Favourite: Behind Space
    Worst song: Your Bedtime Story is Scaring Everyone

    2. Machine Head
    First Song: Imperium
    Favourite: Davidian + None But My Own
    Worst song: Like all from supercharger

    3. Fear Factory
    First Song: Cyberwaste
    Favourite: Replica
    Worst song: All from gabber remixes

    4. Lamb of God
    First Song: Don't know, I think Laid to Rest
    Favourite: Laid to Rest
    Worst song: In The Absence of the Sacred

    5. Trivium
    First Song: Rain probably...
    Favourite: Suffocating Sight
    Worst song: Drowned And Torn Asunder
  • How I got into my Top Ten

    29. Mär. 2006, 5:58 von prodigael

    1. Meshuggah
    - First song heard: Well, would be Automony Lost
    - What song Got me into them: Probably Minds Mirrors, when i reached that song on catch 33 i was sold!
    - Who introduced them to me: Chamber

    2. Type O Negative
    - First song Heard: I Don't Wanna Be Me
    - What Song got me into them: probably Christian Woman, though could have been Wolf Moon
    - Who introduced them to me: saw them on kerrang, so myself

    3. Arch Enemy
    - First song Heard: No idea, as I didnt really hear them till i saw them live, so whatever opened their set on the headbangers ball tour in north america late 2004
    - What Song got me into them: We Will Rise
    - Who introduced them to me: Saw them live, so myself, or, cradle of filth :P as thats why i went to that show (sad i know)

    4. The Prodigy
    - First song Heard: Break and Enter
    - What Song got me into them: Breathe
    - Who introduced them to me: My cousin gave me Music for the Jilted Generation when i was really young

  • Top Artist Survey

    28. Feb. 2006, 13:25 von x-smurve

    Name your top 10 most played bands on Last.fm:

    01 In Flames
    02 Machine Head
    03 Fear Factory
    04 Metallica
    05 Trivium
    06 Lamb of God
    07 System of a Down
    08 Slayer
    09 Anti-Flag
    10 Arch Enemy

    // What was the first song you ever heard by 6?
    I think it was Laid to Rest. Great song!

    // What is your favourite album of 2?
    Burn My Eyes. Fuck yes!!! AWESOME. My all time favourite album.

    // What is your favourite lyric that 1 (In Flames) has sung?
    I think from the song Trigger

    // How many times have you seen 4 (Metallica) live?
    0 times. This summer will be the first time. They're coming to holland. I'm not sure if I'm going to hit it. It's very expensive.

    // What is your favourite song by 7 (System of a Down)?
    Soil, Suggestions and Toxicity

    // What is a good memory you have considering the music of 10 (Arch Enemy)?
    The very good concert they gave October 3rd 05 in Haarlem together with Trivium. I went there for trivium but arch enemy was way better! Fucking great time I had there together with Pieter
  • Gigantour review... a bit late

    5. Sep. 2005, 22:18 von He Hate Me

    Ok, so I dropped the ball a bit and didn't post up right away after the event occured. Better late than never I suppose. Anyway...

    Gigantour was amazing. The overall experience was very gratifing and worth every single penny. Here's a breakdown of the bands (main stage only) and how they faired against one tough critic (me):

    First up is Nevermore, the Seattle based thrash band with a dynamite lead singer in Warrel Dane. These guys played for 30 minutes and kicked your ass with such songs as The Sound of Silence, Never Purify, Final Product and my favorite: The River Dragon Has Come. When they played the opened notes to River Dragon I went ballistic. Such a powerful song and one that could make anyone a fan. Total crushing force.

    Next up is The Dillinger Escape Plan, a band that I really just don't understand I guess. I never really liked their style of music, it seemed too jumpy, too erratic, too unorganized, too... something, I don't really know. …