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  • И я про компьютерные игры, разумеется. :3
  • Мощь, качаться под них збс.
  • Hope they release a voiceless album soon.
  • The vocals are awful.
  • Archetype better? I think that album is so weak, they peak from 1992 'til 2001.
  • I met Burton & Dino over the Summer when FF played in Orlando... they're really cool guys. Nice as can be... never knew what they'd be like but in addition to being great musicians they're stand-up guys from what I can tell. That always makes me dig a band even more.
  • They're okay. I used to be into them years ago. I'll have to listen to them again. I remember Archetype being their best album. No surprise that it's their top album on here.
  • Yeah, Genexus is pretty solid. Kind of reminded me of Devin Townsend sometimes, which is not a bad thing. Favorite Fear Factory in a LONG time.
  • pozdrowienia ze Śląska dla fanów Fear Factory
  • Timeless band, always come back to listen.
  • I managed to get my hands on the original CD pressing of Soul Of a New Machine. The dynamics are great! Awesome record, so different from their later stuff (which I love, too). It's like the bastard child of Godflesh and Bolt Thrower.
  • Test Drive 6.
  • So awesome hearing those 808 drops on the album opener. Very reminiscent of the Digimortal opener. This album is finally a return to form for a band that has not been fantastic for awhile.
  • I don't care, Soul of a New Machine is the heart of Fear Factory!
  • ...except Demanufacture.
  • Nothing can beat Soul of a New Machine!!!
  • And yes, Genexus is an amazing album, definitely make my top 10 albums of the year :) Not sure which 2015 album is my favorite though..
  • Pretty much all they did was replace the old site with an unfinished beta, that is something i will not get and it's still amazing that people actually will continue to scrobble to i was furious and shut off my scrobbler. The only reason i still visit the site is to see if it would have really died. I see some artists lose some scrobblers and most of the 3rd party chart stuff such as bandlogos have closed their site down. It's completely ridiculous.
  • Yeah you would think that those related bands would be at the top of the list. FF however has a wide range of listeners so I'm not surprised. And nice that the shout boxes are almost fully restored, wish hyperlinks would work though.
  • \m/
  • Yeah, but I guess there are fans of both CC and FF.
  • no FF album i don't like. slays all of those last fm recommended similar artists by far! MOSH!!!
  • never forget
  • Well, if one's major requirement for an FF album is to have Gene Hoglan play on it, then I can see why Mechanize is so appreciated. Don't get me wrong, he's a beast and I adore his work in SYL, but he's a nonfactor for me when it comes to FF. Moreover, Dino after having created Divine Heresy post Digimortal, the likelihood for said material to influence his work in FF during his return was quite high which is really irritating and palpable on Mechanize. From the production, the guitars which are very upfront in the mix, their searing DH like tone, some riffs (Fear Campaing's riff after the intro, Christploitation's chaotic middle part) and the overall dryness in terms of electronics leave quite a conflicted impression on me.
  • ... How can you NOT like Mechanize? Gene Hoglan is a beast on that record.
  • So glad they brought Rhys Fulber back! Reminds me of their Demanufacture days!
  • What a fucking come back with this Genexus ! Hell yeah !
  • "Regenerate", is phucking tits!!!!
  • We need your help guys to bring back old last fm:
  • They will never go back to the old version just like they didn't in 2008. People complain, but I bet we're just a vocally loud minority. The majority's pretty much indifferent I assume considering almost everyone is simply continuing using the site anyway. They think we won't care and just get used to it in the long run which I believe is true as always. Although, even Google realized no one wanted the forced Google+ integration with Youtube and are now removing it again. So who knows.
  • @Fistulator Probably not, but judging by every single disappointed user, it will probably be like suicide for them not to change back to the old one as people will leave. They should've given the old platform a facelift, perhaps. Not redesign the whole website to this already dated Facebook shit-style.
  • Fucking hell they've really ruined Last fm. RIP.
  • This redesign had only one goal and that was to milk the site users for ad revenue. Before they took away the radio player and before the redesign, I was a subscriber and I had adblock turned off for this site. If you want to make a statement I suggest you install Adblock Plus (Firefox) or uBlock (Chrome). These people won't even compromise one bit on their redesign.
  • Totally disappointed with the new design. But... I'm 101 % sure that they won't restore the old
  • Don't be disappointed. Everything changes.
  • I totally agree with many of you that the new design blows. I've been an almost daily user since late 2007, but I will not stay on if this design sticks around. I hate Facebook and such sterile websites, and right now looks very much like a sterile FB or Windows 8 system. But pretty much everyone seems to be displeased with the new, so hopefully they restore the old one.


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