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Farhad Mehrad was born in 1944 in Tehran and died in Paris in 2002. After his death a boxed set of 5 CDs (or cassettes) was released in 2003, simply called 'Farhad'. The CD's in which three Cohen songs appear are called 'Phoenix' and 'Alba'. These two CDs are collection of his mostly English songs (all cover versions). He sang in German and French as well (only couple of songs). The other three CDs are a collection of his Persian songs and his rare interviews. He wrote songs himself, too. And sometimes he would translate into Farsi from old poets of the English language and add his own music.

Due to the strict rules and censorship of all Western things, the Islamic government in Iran has banned Western pop music. Farhad's box is a rare exception - thanks to the importance and influence of Farhad the rules were bent in his case.

Farhad is a legendary Iranian Rock/Folk musician. He was the first Iranian musician to record original (western style) guitar based ballads. He spent many years as a political prisoner during the seventies; due to the social-justice themes in the lyrics of his songs. After the revolution, he was forbidden from recording any kind of music for ten years. The western style of his music was not to liking of the Islamic Republic censors.

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