• Alt-Tab Frenzy

    1. Aug. 2007, 16:46 von SuperSmackSax

    For those of you reading and about to read, I salute you! I also, however, wish to use this space as a method by which I can both conjure and convey my reactions and observations to the music that flits into my life, remains for a while, and then gets shunted on to my external hard drive for use as either bragging rights or as ooey-gooey creme filling for my iPod. I'm not just going to salute people who are reading and about to read...sorry if I fired flechettes into any of your soap-spheres.

    I'd like to begin this (hopefully extensive) survey of my rigorous listening habits with a few much-needed quips about what I've affectionately dubbed the 'music of my soul', among other things. It comes the closest to manifesting the aspects of instrumental musicianship, harmonic and spontaneous complexity, sharp/nervy freneticism, and down-home, almost raucous positivity that I have come to embrace in the musicks that shall one day populate this last.fm page to no end. …
  • This is not the Born To Be Wild that I remember

    29. Okt. 2006, 6:38 von JohnnySoftware

    I bought Borat's album tonight on iTunes because it had 18 tracks, was only $9.99, appeared to have covers of a couple of songs I liked, and probably had some funny tracks on it as well.

    My first disappointment was this song. I could not tell what they were singing, but the lyrics were not recognizable - and the turn certainly was not.

    The next disappointment was that a bunch of the tracks last only 10 to 15 seconds. These are dialog, not singing, and are not particularly funny.

    I actually liked a few tracks on the album. I could not understand the words people were singing but they sounded kind of cool.

    I cannot really say I liked this album a whole lot, nor that it was what I expected. However, I liked it a little bit. The music in some of the songs was pretty good, and different than the usual tunes I play.