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Evil Horde

Hangarmageddon (e1m1) (4:08)


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  • Dat bass.
  • You know a song is going to be good when it includes a shotgun blast as a percussive instrument.
  • [Headbangs]
  • This is what chainsaws listen to when having sex.
  • Just listening to the sample of this song reminds me of Recoome's speech from the 20th TFS episode: "The name's Recoome, and it rhymes with doom! And you're going to be hurtin'! ALL! TOO! SOOOOONNNN!" Excellent stuff!
  • жескач!!!
  • mother fuckin killer in you!!!! lol!!
  • chainsaw them pig demons, fuck yeah!
  • lol that awsome DOOOM FTW!!
  • Fuck yeah, my 66,666th play.
  • That's awesomeness.
  • The best of the remix.
  • I like :D.
  • This makes me wanna play doom and break out the old shotgun every time. Thank you for taken the time to share such a great remix.
  • Sick!
  • Most badass remix of all time!
  • no remorse!
  • This sound be in Doom 4 when you're rampaging through and Evil Horde of demons
  • <3
  • Best video game remix ever.
  • YPR
  • Nice guitar work! It's really not Master of Puppets. The rhythm is similar but the notes are different. Listen to I am Murloc if you want an exact ripoff of Master of Puppets (note for note, just slowed down).
  • One of the best, if not the best, D()()M remix out there.
  • So awesome it should be illegal.
  • pretty awesome remix this I think.
  • I don't really hear No Remorse, I hear more Master of Puppets in the main E1M1 riff.
  • What can I say other than this: This is one piece of music that just shakes you down to the core. It is not only thought evoking but heavy and dark at the same time. This is quite literally AWESOME.
  • This is an awe-inspiring remix of an awesome, awesome song. Ironically, No Remorse, which the riff of E1M1 was taken from, isn't all that awesome.
  • Great song, really nostalgic! The remix really does it justice.
  • e1m1 - Great song... or GREATEST song?

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