• Obsessed

    28. Jul. 2010, 3:45 von overmyhead10

    I've found that I find a cd and will listen to it obsessively for a while then not listen to it again for a while. Recently, its been Every You. I listened to them on repeat for a good few weeks and I still love them but now I've been listening to Since Forever and Anarbor like crazy. They've been my top two artists for a few weeks now. I don't know why I do this but I'm curious to who I will be listening to on repeat next. I am going to Warped Tour '10 tomorrow in Cincinnati. I expect to be bombarded with new music tomorrow and sweaty people. I hope to meet Anarbor and Breathe Carolina. Who knows, I'm too impatient for Meet and Greet lines. But there should be some new music for my library after tomorrow.

    Take care.
    Listening to: Anarbor Gypsy Woman