• My Top 400 Electronic Tracks (Spotify & Youtube PLs), Part 1: A-K

    1. Mai. 2013, 8:41 von Theartofstu

    Made from 1st March to 1st April. I have tried to limit it to a maximum of 3 tracks per artist but sometimes remixes and collaborations will technically take some artists over 3, too much effort to think about that though.

    Spotify playlist is here (270/400)

    Youtube playlists: Part 1 / Part 2 (396/400)

    Blog: Soon (At some point I'll write a blog so I can say a bit about each track, but it will take a while)


    Why 400?

    Because you can have 200 in a Youtube playlist, 200 wouldn't have been enough, 600+ would have been a struggle. 400 seemed doable.

    Some tracks are down on the Youtube playlist.

    I'll come back to the Youtube playlists occasionally and replace the dead tracks but I'm not going to do it everyday, sometimes some tracks will be taken down in-between.

    I can't play some tracks in Spotify / there are tracks on Spotify you haven't added.

    Some stuff on Spotify is country-specific, obviously I'm in the UK so only tracks that are available to UK users will be there.