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Eric Patrick Clapton CBE (* 30. März 1945 in Surrey, England; Spitzname: Slowhand, seine Freunde nennen ihn auch Rick), ist ein englischer Blues- und Rock-Gitarrist. Er ist mehrfacher Grammygewinner und dreifaches Mitglied der „Rock and Roll Hall of Fame“. Clapton prägte die Entwicklung des Bluesrocks seit den 1960er Jahren wesentlich mit und gilt als einer der bedeutendsten Gitarristen.

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  • We need your help guys to bring back old last fm:
  • God
  • Eric is God
  • Who cares
  • @microtesla Sounds like it
  • "Fuck all that "Clapton is God" shit. Brian Setzer was rocking harder and throwing down tastier licks at nineteen years old than Clapton has in his whole career." ([url=]Taser Morrisson[/url])
  • so basically lead guitar will get you laid
  • no one cares
  • Triangle2: Sadly, reading this completely changed my view of George, who I always admired as one of the only spiritually centered rockstars + a close parallel to who I've always been. Not the rockstar part, just a lover of their music -- but ironically I so closely resemble Eric Clapton, I've been mistaken for him many times. Examples: 1) I was invited by a band member on break at BB King's Blues Club in LA to come up and play with them; 2) I was invited by the in-store DJ at Virgin Megastore on Sunset Blvd (largest & most popular music & video store in LA at that time - '90s) to record some celebrity endorsements; 3) Numerous requests for my autograph. My given name was even "Eric" (but legally changed it). Made me feel really conflicted because of how I felt about Eric's betrayal. Now I feel the same about George. He was even more promiscuous, including the wives of Ringo Starr and Ronnie Wood. For this story, search on: Pattie Boyd: 'My hellish love triangle with George and Eric'
  • I've always wondered about the "real story" behind the Pattie Boyd, George Harrison, Eric Clapton love triangle. Like many others, I lost a lot of respect for Eric Clapton because of the popular media angle on this story that says "Eric Clapton stole George Harrison's wife." I've known since back then that Eric was extremely drug addicted for many years and just assumed his behavior emerged out of his distorted world created by the addiction (I've been there - during that same period so I know how much it warps people and brings out their darkest, most dysfunctional tendencies.) I finally researched it and found a 2 part text interview + video interview with Pattie Boyd. It totally opened my eyes to the real story which is more about the decadence of that whole rockstar culture, not just one man's addiction, obsession, & betrayal. It turns out George was in many ways worse than Eric, since he didn't obsess on just one woman - he wanted them all as his spiritual (and s_xual) concubines.

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