• Swath - The Carrion King - Review

    31. Mär. 2012, 13:21 von Takkeri

    Swath - The Carrion King


    Some years ago I was asked to attend a gig of Swath by a friend. I had no idea of the band whatsoever but finding their EP “The Circle” freely downloadable, I decided to give them a listen. I wasn't expecting too much, so the more pleasant the surprise was. As “The Circle” started to play the straight-to-the-point opening melody of the first track took me off the ground instantly. I must have listened the EP some five times in a row, in surprising awe.

    It took a few years for their second effort, a three track EP “The Carrion King,” to overtake my ignore-barrier and unfortunately it isn't as strong as its predecessor. It is a good effort still, but harder to grasp and lacking some of the immediate melodic hooks of “The Circle.” “The Carrion King” is based on crooked riffs and melodies which really take a few listens to stick, but also make a lasting impression. …