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A Ticket For The Paralyzer (0:50)

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  • little heavier than the stuff i normally like, but this is pretty sweet. The pumping bass makes it.
  • Love this song....
  • S'alright. Not really my thing but I can dig it.
  • This is obviously nothing like Carbomb, but I see the general idea.
  • GO!!!
  • So you say every fucking deathcore song with that kind of breakdown is a ripoff? It's the pattern that differentiates a breakdown from a breakdown, not the notes. I don't even like Emmure, but these kind of comments piss me off.
  • The only thing this song and carbomb have in common is the "deathcore" riff, you know, when you fret the sixth string on the first fret and the fifth and fourth are open, and that's about it. There are two bazillion bands that use that kind of breakdowns so they are all ripoffs? This doesn't have the same rhythm, nor the same parts as "Car bomb" so get the fuck over it.
  • (L)
  • Wack ass bunch of niggers.
  • Oh hey, how's it going "Carbomb" rip off.

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