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Elton John

Candle in the Wind (3:48)


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  • Do like the original much more. Seems like the lyrics are a little choppy in Diana's version.
  • Elton, the best Piano and Keyboard Player in rock History..!
  • Love the '73 version!
  • Horrible
  • Adeus, Norma Jean...
  • This is just amazing
  • Uma música duas histórias.
  • this is the most classy of songs
  • Beautiful.
  • 挤*.* 挤*.* 水*.*水*.* ഴ*.* ഴ*.* 水*.*水*.* や*.*や*.* મ*.*મ
  • Love his '97 remake. Love the '73 original. He's Elton John, he can do stuff like that.
  • "Even when you died all they said was Marilyn was found in the nude." Incredibly depressing and sadly true. Its only gotten worse since then in that department.
  • Goodbye Norma Jean, i would've like to known you but i wasn't even born yet..
  • @fuzmeister Hate that he redid this. No offense meant to Diana, but this song was perfect the way it was in '73! Totally agree.
  • Agree with fuzmeister. Wish he hadn't re-made this. The second version took something away from the original which was really special already. I always think twice before listening now.
  • ♥♥♥ Marilyn♥♥♥ Diana ♥♥♥ Unvergessen ♥♥♥
  • <33333333333333333333333333333333333333333
  • He had a great voice!
  • dieser Song war für DIANA bestimmt .... + hat soviel sTÄRKE;; Danke Elton !!!! ....einer seiner schönsten Songs - wow
  • ♥♥♥
  • RIP Marilyn, your candle burned out long before your legend ever did. ♥
  • Is it only me that love these vocals at back? Oohh ohh ohhHHhh
  • love this song... Makes me think of two of the pretties woman I have ever seen.
  • ****The People's Princess****...Gone, but never forgotten!
  • fuzmeister.........!!!!!!!......Dann überlege mal WARUM das jetzt so ist... Ich find das KLASSE
  • Hate that he redid this. No offense meant to Diana, but this song was perfect the way it was in '73!
  • ♥♥♥
  • I prefer the version he did for Mother Teresa... Sandles in the Bin
  • i love this song and im only 13!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!
  • This one's for Marilyn, but both are good.
  • DIANA! you are still my princes, somewhere above me. :) <3
  • Great record, one of his very best!
  • Happy birthday, Marilyn.
  • Say what you like about Elton, he can put a song across, as they say. Maybe not the greatest singer ever, but certainly one of the most humane and expressive.
  • Awesome song!
  • yeah,he nailed this one!
  • I love you, Marilyn!
  • the 70s were his best
  • asking myself why he redid it for diana. i mean - one song for two women?!
  • I like the original version much more.
  • marilyn monroe
  • Adoro!!!!!!!
  • this track is amazing i love it
  • some people just have the gift, others have the chemistry, the rest of us get to listen
  • Amazing songwriter! Amazing song!
  • Not a big fan of EJ but this song is simply remarkable.
  • MARILYN und DIANA Die besten sterben jung
  • Elton wrote the greatest ever songs - for all his faults, he is a genius


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