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  • Daniel <3
  • icon
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  • Goodbye Billie Jean even though I never knew you at all
  • Goddamn I love Elton Johns
  • I love classic Elton John, but many of his post 2000 songs are worth a listen and are great as well.
  • Да-сборники лучшего только так у него слушаются. Великолепная музыка. Цепляющие песни. И да-позднее оно уже как-то не то будто...
  • Elton John <3
  • До середины 70-х охренительно всё его творчество, дальше - выборочно.
  • "Hold me closer, Tiny dancer!" -- The way he goes high and then low... one of favorite moments, from any artist for that matter.
  • Amazing
  • Elton John in Brazil????? OMGosh!!!
  • the original lyric was two hearts beatin' in two separate worlds
  • one of several songs bern & i wrote for ej hope you enjoy
  • King ❤ [4] of kings!!
  • Пидараз
  • sir
  • My favorite solo artist of all-time. Cheers! [2]
  • happy birthday!!! :D
  • DANIEL. <3
  • King ❤ [3]
  • King ❤ [2]
  • My favorite solo artist of all-time. Cheers!
  • King ❤
  • Amor eterno!!!
  • Сборник лучших вещей просто божественен, а вот до альбомов руки что-то не доходят.
  • неинтересно
  • the Alex was illegal the tickle one "very important" we have some notes how bout my Crack dealer ahh. and some people had some notes,the wines amazing with Alex on those checks how we cornered with a pen lol! and got what he was doing illegal mm.See you at the Abbey ahh. "them and some others like producers wanted that information-Alex illegal "blocks Alex" T5's coming out some other stuff,I got on that might close this some shadows you know "hero"
  • love <3
  • Love Elton. :)
  • Congratulations to Elton & David!
  • Sleeping with the Past sure is a masterpiece. Might be his best from the '80s.
  • I have to say with all of his albums I have to say the one that I have enjoyed from the day it first came out is sleeping with the past every song from that album just seems to flow smoothly right into the next one and can be very feet moving lol
  • HOLD MEH CLOZUR TAHNEH DAYANZERRRR. This guy, Taupin too obv, he has such a goddamn beautiful tapestry of work, every album I check out is a wonderful treasure.
  • Can You Feel the Love Tonight
  • still when i see him i think he looks wrong and should look like Matt King from star stories lol (i bet that just me though )
  • I'm in love with his music and Bernie Taupin lyrics even the stuff he did with tim rice and all the musicals he done what a true true musical genius
  • Ele foi o primeiro músico estrangeiro que eu ouvi, juntamente com Bee Gees e ABBA! Elton sem palavras te amo muito! <3
  • Koncert Eltona John'a z Kraków Areny będzie transmitowany na żywo tutaj:
  • First Episode at Hienton ♥
  • Love Elton. :)
  • Can You Feel the Love Tonight ♥
  • Something About The Way You Look Tonight . ♥
  • Sixty Years On ♥
  • I'm Still Standing ♥
  • sorry seems to be the hardest word f.t Blue & Don't go breaking my heart , Candle in the wind , Are you ready for love
  • Bennie and the jets ♥
  • Someone Saved My Life Tonight


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