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  • Avatar für markshh
  • Avatar für SaulCLRadiohead
  • Avatar für cabfedhig
    new view's last four tracks are splendid
  • Avatar für twinkle_toes20
    Happy birthday 5 days ago
  • Avatar für Frombachtofeist
    Love her
  • Avatar für Cox_of_Seagulls
    damn good new album
  • Avatar für oiGlush
    eleanor entrou na minha retrospectiva de 2013 http://www.lastfm.com.br/user/oiGlush/journal/2013/12/30/5zj0b1_retrospectiva_2013_hoh_b*tches se gostarem, comentem por favor :)
  • Avatar für Zaphers
    Number 1: http://peterhinson.wordpress.com/2013/12/15/top-10-favourite-albums-2013/
  • Avatar für ellleotribal
  • Avatar für digestion
    Personal Record gets better with each listen. I think I like it even more than Last Summer at this point. The greatness of her solo stuff is making it easier to live without the Fiery Furnaces...
  • Avatar für cabfedhig
    She's fantastic. like this new record better than last summer, though i can't pinpoint why exactly.
  • Avatar für CukiMonster
    Put your boots on, woman. [4]
  • Avatar für LettaNico
    Put your boots on, woman. [3]
  • Avatar für Hazeyville
    She's German and Greek. Saw her play in Williamsburg, she's great!
  • Avatar für gfdsagfdsagfdsa
    talented and cute jewish girl <3
  • Avatar für GeorgeDrucsen
    Review: [url=http://beardfood.com/review/eleanor-friedberger-personal-record/]Eleanor Friedberger – Personal Record[/url] [7/10]
  • Avatar für PlatypusQuest
    new record is fantastic, even better than i expected.
  • Avatar für biochip
    Amazing new album! Love her! <3
  • Avatar für helloimjoshua
    Really digging the new album
  • Avatar für c0rdell
    she is so awesome
  • Avatar für xenex
    There's a great live session with Eleanor available for free download at http://www.epitonic.com/features/epitonic-saki-sessions/epitonic-saki-sessions-eleanor-friedberger/
  • Avatar für jetuilelle
    the new album, "Personal Record," is amazing. now im a fan. that's it.
  • Avatar für disairyuzerneim
    the new album is not as immediate as Last Summer, but still very very pretty!
  • Avatar für blair2100
    New album out in early June. Personal Record.
  • Avatar für arcticweezer
    Put your boots on, woman. [2]
  • Avatar für zeeba1234
    best hair ever. best music ever. best everything ever
  • Avatar für dasNeonlicht
    The most serious bangs in all of Music.
  • Avatar für kurtkiller42
    Stop touring right now and get your ass back to The Fiery Furnaces!
  • Avatar für chrismicheal
    i do hope eleanor releases another album.
  • Avatar für kurtkiller42
    Fiery Furnaces > Eleanor Friedberger solo. But still an amazing solo...
  • Avatar für mmjfan
    Eleanor Friedberger solo > Fiery Furnices
  • Avatar für tahbyfet
    I've only heard your voice in three songs and I'm in love.
  • Avatar für EatingKatesBush
    fuck off with your spam cunt
  • Avatar für Under_Radar_Mag
    Check out video of Eleanor performing at our CMJ party: http://www.undertheradarmag.com/news/watch_eleanor_friedberger_performing_ill_never_be_happy_again_at_CMJ_video/
  • Avatar für EatingKatesBush
    sounds like fiery furnaces, minus all the shit key changes and shithead brother vocals. nice!
  • Avatar für HankD
    This album is outstanding, i really LOVE it!
  • Avatar für pianistman1337
    The album is wonderful. Shouldn't have slept on it this long. It's phenomenal!
  • Avatar für lasermaze
    Owl's Head Park made me cry.
  • Avatar für ankitruva
    Lyrics needed. Can't find'em anywhere on the web.
  • Avatar für Under_Radar_Mag
    We're also excited that Eleanor Friedberger is playing our CMJ party: http://www.undertheradarmag.com/news/eleanor_friedberger_under_the_radars_cmj_party_spotlight/
  • Avatar für Under_Radar_Mag
    Check out our interview with Eleanor Friedberger: http://www.undertheradarmag.com/interviews/eleanor_friedberger/
  • Avatar für lolipot
  • Avatar für Plisire
    fuck, pense que era hombre.
  • Avatar für voodoodrew
    i've heard a few Fiery Furnaces tracks, and they never grabbed me...this sounds wayyyy better
  • Avatar für AmorEnfermo
  • Avatar für hotwheels47125
    I FRIGGING LOVE THIS ALBUM!! This is my album of 2011! I can't wait to go see you/Fiery Furnaces sometime with my boy!!
  • Avatar für DCozmonaut
    Roosevelt Island <3
  • Avatar für Reflekshun
    Yeah this is awesome.. So chill :)
  • Avatar für chrismicheal
    this is an awesome album! much better than most of the fiery furnaces' albums.
  • Avatar für Velenze
    she cute. album grooves. [2]


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