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  • pti 7/8 is a true landmark in the shoegaze genre, showcasing tony kornheiser's dreamy vocals and guitar with mike wilbon's expert sound engineering, they were true pioneers and deserve as much credit as my bloody valentine and ride for bringing the genre to the attention of the mainstream
  • Only on ESPN! :D
  • does enybody know what track is that from the shaun white x games video? that guitar riff jimi hendrix-like
  • Hockey >>>
  • LGS
    I think they probably have too many podcasts for football, baseball, and basketball, and it would be nice if they narrowed it down to just a couple for each. The Grantland Network podcasts are very good though, Jalen Rose has a unique way of talking about football and basketball with a passion, however my favourite podcast is the Hollywood Prospectus. I really get a sense that while Chris and Andy do show a passion for their favourite movies and tv series, they are journalists first when it comes to criticizing shows they don't enjoy and don't have just "because I don't like the look of his face"-type of critical reaction that I think some people do. Also, to you folks ranking sports, just try to learn and enjoy them all. They're all fun and unique in their own way, and to my American brothers: Don't write off hockey just because of the violence or whatever. I used to hate it too, but there is no other sport like it. The skills and athleticism necessary is mind-boggling.
  • tadada! tadada!
  • Basketball > Football > Soccer > Baseball > Tennis > Womans Volley Ball > Bowling > Hockey
  • Football > Basketball > Hockey > Tennis > Woman's Volley ball > Bowling > Baseball
  • NFL > All
  • swoop

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