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Unbelievable (3:29)

90s · pop · rock · dance · british


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  • still makes me wanna jump ;)
  • The music is unbelievable
  • 2015 Unbelievable
  • booooooommmmmmmmmmmmm muito bom
  • Good
  • Love you forever.. ♥
  • More cowbell!
  • powerful song!
  • The funniest thing about this song, for me, is how when it first came out, women thought it was about a guy telling his GF (or BF I guess) how she was SOOOOO wonderful, she was unbelievable (as in good), then watching their faces as you pointed out the lyrics and let them know the guy was calling his GF a two-faced, double standard holding, LIAR! So much so, she was LITERALLY unbelievable!
  • I like it :) [2]
  • Always thought the line was 'pushin' down the bed a few', thinking it was a cool way to say boinking :)
  • I like it :)
  • Iconic, but that's not the same as good.
  • I never knew this had profanities until the other day since you can barely make them out.
  • This kicks 8 degrees of ASS!
  • Holds the record for the most profanities ever broadcast in one song! Mind you, you can barely make them out.
  • needs more cowbell
  • My favorite thing about this song is it's NOT about how unbelievably GOOD the person is, but rather how ridiculous they are--unbelievably so. I'm sure I'm not the only one who started liking the song back in the early 90s thinking it was about how great someone was. LOL!
  • great 90's!!! EMF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • the things you say!!
  • this is played like crazy at sports venues.
  • Sounds even better now
  • sweet
  • Amazing.
  • !
  • Unbelievable
  • one of the all time best sing-alongs!!
  • Possibly one of the best all time audience singalongs?
  • Any Aussies remember that AFL ad in the 90s with this song - "I'd like to see that!" with Mary Pierce, et al?
  • Classic! Takes one back!
  • Ahh! Very famous! I guessed by the title & I was right...
  • I believe
  • It's unbelievable! Gosh, I miss the 90's
  • sound of my youth [4]
  • The things you're unbelievable!
  • WTF was that? Awesome, that's what.
  • An absolute classic!
  • Unbelievable
  • Fuckin Unbelievable
  • This makes me think of big bangs, perms, oversized sweaters with leggings, and Calvin Klein Escape wafting through the air. I just hit puberty when this song emerged, but I remember thinking "Damn, this is cool!" as I popped my zits in the mirror and pulled the spinach remnants out of my braces.
  • :)
  • So underrated!
  • takie do browarka xd
  • Unbelievable!


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