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1996 veröffentlichte Sheik sein Debütalbum u. a. mit der Hitsingle "Barely Breathing". 1998 wurde er für den Grammy für die Best Male Pop Vocal Performance nominiert. 2000 komponierte er Phantom Moon nach Gedichten von Steven Sater. 2003 schrieb er mit Sater das Musical Spring Awakening. Dafür erhielt er 2007 zwei Tony Awards (Beste Originalmusik und Beste Orchestrierung) und 2008 auch einen Grammy Award. Daneben…

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  • I'd call him the most underrated singer/song-writer of the last 20 years. Very few people have any idea how great this guy actually is!
  • The new album is finally coming!!!
  • While reading the post history here I didn't see a formal query asking anyone to rank his albums, though if I were to choose my own ranking it'd be: 1. Humming 2. Duncan Sheik 3. Daylight 4. White Limousine 5. Phantom Moon. I haven't heard Whisper House or Covers 80's, and I've only heard a portion of Spring Awakening, and I didn't think that would count as an unambiguous Duncan Sheik album anyway (I was thinking the same thing about Covers 80's actually, though as I stated I haven't heard that anyway).
  • I am totally surprise the people have low love for White Limousine, lots of highlights tacks in the album "The Down Request", " Fantastic Toys And Corduroys" "I Wouldnt Mind" for remember someones
  • I rank It... 1. Phanton Moon, 2 Duncan Sheik, 3 White Limousine, 4 Humming , 5 Daylight, I don't like the other ones
  • ryan reynolds?
  • I hope he'll come back singing his own songs. I miss his songwritting...
  • My ranking! 1.- Phantom Moon. 2.- Humming. 3.- Duncan Sheik. 4.- Daylight. 7.- White Limousine. 96.- Whisper House. 398.- Covers 80's :D
  • I'd rank them like this: 1. Phantom Moon >>>>>> 2. Humming/Humming Along >>> 3. Whisper House >> 4. Duncan Sheik >>>> 5. Daylight. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 6. White Limousine >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 7. Covers 80's.
  • I'd rank them like this: 1. Phantom Moon. 2. Humming. 3. Daylight. 4. Duncan Sheik. 5. White Limousine. (Sorry, I don't have the other two...)

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