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  • Lord Knows
  • Lost Boys and Girls Club
  • Girls Intuition. <3
  • blissed out was really cool, a bit one-dimensional in its sound, whereas i feel i will be just kicks so much ass throughout with the very prominent drumming, prob still prefer that one
  • "Coming Down" was on OITNB!
  • @mustardog: Seeing as it's only Last fm users and not the band themselves voting up the pictures, I'm leaning heavily towards a bunch of pervs.
  • Blissed Out is still their best record
  • hng
  • [url=]Dum Dum Girls - On Christmas[/url] Audio Free Download
  • Bio needs updated.
  • Blissed Out is too underrated, seriously
  • Trippy
  • Too True is too underrated, seriously
  • Saw a great show by Dum Dum Girls at Lee's Palace in Toronto. I wrote some words and took some pics:
  • Dí una vuelta por sus pics y tienen unas hermosas piernas, compran sensuales medias y tiene cara de angeles y su musica es demasiado hermosa, Las amo ♥
  • So bummed I missed the Dum Dum Girls at Burger A-Go-Go :-( I've noticed quite a few similarities between them and the Raveonettes. Speaking of them, their new song "Sisters" is available for free download on their website! Check it out
  • beauty
  • style, music, everything icons. role models actually. perfect role models.
  • nice buzzwording there
  • @herkyjerky their old music used to be fun.
  • This music is bland and uncreative, just b-grade yuppie pop fodder. So it's odd they have so many fans. Maybe it's their image/marketing.
  • Rimbaud Eyes video <3
  • Enjoying the new album more than I thought I would.
  • No photos of them performing in the top 50. Either you guys are a bunch of pervs, or these girls are a bunch of poseurs. I'm leaning toward a little of both.
  • Was it just Manchester or are all their show full of skeezy 60 year old blokes taking blatant perv pictures?
  • [url=]Rimbaud Eyes video[/url]
  • potential album of the year...
  • i love you dum dum girls [2]
  • i love you dum dum girls
  • Loved their show as well this weekend past!! :-)
  • AMAZING show tonight!! <3
  • kirsten gundred is beauty!
  • i watched the short film featuring Are You Okay? and it was awesome!
  • Katy Perry? Riiiiight...
  • To my opinion "Too true" is disappointing. What's happened to "lo-fi" sound? I was under the impression listening a Katy Perry album and reminds me bad 80s' synth pop.
  • cult of love <3
  • so obsessed with the new album!!!! "in the wake of you" is perfect
  • Dum Dum Girls - Too True Sub Pop / Cargo CD-Review
  • Too True is awesome!! My favorite tune is "Are You Okay?"
  • Wow, the new album is SOLID.
  • these chicks are rad
  • Too True To Be Good!
  • Really like the new album. A quick, easy, and fun listen. Probably my favorite band in this style right now.
  • hot chicks. <3 I would like had one. ;>
  • What? Blasphemy!


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