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Sunny Delight: Dubtribe Sound System's Sunshine Jones Returns with Beats, Bliss and Bongos. Debut solo album "Seven Tracks In Seven Days" brings back the joy of dancing to deeply deep wee hours House tracks

"…A researching of the electronic side of this half of the tribal, naturalist duo Dubtribe Sound System. A search through roots, and history to discover what we ever loved about getting together and losing our minds in warehouses, and around the bonfires of California beaches. — Album preview,

If names like Frankie Knuckles, Mr. Fingers, Francois Kevorkian mean anything to you, so too perhaps will Sunshine Jones. As the former founder and frontman for the internationally known San Francisco-based Dubtribe Sound System, Jones built a worldwide reputation as the maestro of blessed-out, feel good, sweaty, deeply deep four-on-the-floor dance anthems rooted in the Chicago House Music esthetic. His moody-and mood altering tracks were equally at home rattling bass bins around blacked-out dancefloors as they were washing over incense-scented California beaches, rocking raves in Gainesville or greeting Ibizan sunrises.

Dubtribe Sound System formed in 1991 in San Francisco and made their first major impact on the house music scene with their 1994 debut CD, "Sound System." After extensive touring, EPs, three more albums ("Sound System," "Selene Songs," "Bryant Street," "Baggage," which included their monster, "Do It Now"), a slew of remixes and two compilations, on a variety of labels (Imperial Dub, Organico, Jive Electro, Virgin, Defected) the husband and wife duo of Sunshine and Moonbeam (both their real given names) Jones called it quits after what, last year, became the Dubtribe Sound System North American farewell tour of North America.

Here, inspired by his renewed love of those deep tracks, that aforementioned farewell tour and pure momentum, Sunshine Jones returns with his first solo album, "Seven Tracks In Seven Days." (Yes, momentum. Jones came off the farewell tour so moved that he locked himself in his studio and, you guessed it, seven days later, surfaced with this very album.

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