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  • these guys are more like APC than Neurosonic
  • Новый альбом на подходе? Давайте его уже сюда поскорей.
  • Just discovered their debut and i love it! A jewel in the alternative/prog rock corner for sure.
  • Their website doesn't seem to exist anymore.
  • Hey boys, got the message about the rock band network. That is excellent news, congrats.
  • OSEM !
  • Love the progressive tone, keep it up guys.
  • Nice! :D
  • Perfect Album! Nothing to put... nothing to take. Congrats
  • Awesome band, found them on ' the61'... I like the song Hangman, although the others are cool, too. Somehow this authentic LA industrial alt-rock feeling come through! Keep 'em rockin' guys! :thumbsup:
  • Приятно открывать новые для себя имена в музыке..
  • Awesome stuff!
  • Great!
  • Nice music guys !
  • Hangman...mmmm.... really like it!! Powinniście zagrać koncert w Krakowie:)
  • Write a bit more about yourselves up here)
  • I think it's about time you guys get back to Israel, we want a local show!
  • Loved It ! :)
  • Great music. I hope that soon we will hear something new from Drugstore Fanatics.
  • Nice sound. Good work with this disc. I'll go to your concert, if you visit Mexico. )
  • Shifter is fuckin AWEEESOMEEEE:D
  • Great music guys !
  • Good music
  • Love it :)
  • Damn this works.
  • Can't stop listening to the whole album! It's addictive *_*
  • absolutely love this!
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  • Wow, this album really exceeded my expectations, especially since it was recorded in a basement :P And to top that it's entirely FREE, I definitely recommend downloading this album, keep up the good work guys =)
  • Just downloading the album. I am wondering how it will sound
  • wow, i was surprised, this sounds good. Think i judged this music by band name, I'll lovit ;)
  • Sounds good. I like it.
  • impressive! hangmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan
  • Addicted!!
  • Damn you guys... now i'm addicted!! =D The Distance is the best song ever!
  • ;;; ;;; ;;; ;;; ;;; ;;; ;;; + other sites :o)
  • this is some seriously good music right here, and somehow the fact that it's free makes it even better, considering the fact that the band isn't (probably) drowning in money
  • It seems that some agree with me and some don't. The point is that all PR is good PR, and if half the people you spam with your music hate you for it then you wouldn't give a damn, would you? Nice strategy there. Try spamming the Nickelback fans next time, you'll probably have more luck doing that. You just have to realise it first.
  • Best new album I've listened to for ages. And I'm a fussy b'stard!
  • Great album you've made there guys. A little generic at some points, but overall - quality record, there's a sence of great potential here. My favourite tracks are: Hangman, Shifter and The Distance. I'm amazed that you're giving it for free. Keep up the good work! Ps.: vocals sound a little bit like Chad Kroeger... xD
  • A very interesting album. I'm nicely surprised - very pleasant vocal, interesting sounds - my first impression is very positive. My favorite song is "Shifter".
  • Shifter's a great song!
  • one of my 2009 favorites :)
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  • I like your music. I can definitely hear the APC influence. It is wonderful that you give away music of such quality for free. PS: StigAnder is a dickhead.
  • What the fuck is stigander on about with "The vocal is way to macho in a Nu-Metal way"? The vocal isn't macho at all. On The Bear March it sounds very much like Trent Reznor in my opinion. Great band. Was impressed right off the bat. If you like these guys you should pay for the album for better quality, bonus remixes and to help the guys out. Thanks for making great music guys.
  • You're amazing! I'm completely addicted!
  • They are really good. =] Havent listened in a while, Will have to put the album on tommrow or somethingg.
  • is very exlent i love this music


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