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Die Drive-By Truckers sind eine Band aus Athens, Georgia. Sie wurde 1996 von Patterson Hood und Mike Cooley gegründet. Die Band ist in den USA bekannt durch zahlreiche Live-Auftritte. Zum ersten Mal in Deutschland spielte sie im Jahre 2003 unter anderem in Heilbronn, Berlin, Hamburg und Köln. Ihr 2008 veröffentlichtes Album Brighter Than Creation's Dark erhielt von dem US-amerikanischen Musik-Magazin Rolling Stone eine Vier-Sterne-Kritik. Der Stil der Drive-By Truckers bewegt sich zwischen klassischem Südstaatenrock/Southern Rock bist hin zu Rock… mehr erfahren



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  • Rig Rundown
  • Saw these guys for the first time at Toronto Urban Roots Festival. It won't be the last. Great band. Check out my pics here on my site:
  • Is everyone in this band that guy from fleet foxes
  • @John__Lemon - Gay. "not in keeping", who cares lol.
  • 6/10 for English Oceans: " Overall, this is an immediate let down on the previous work of DBT. Too often the sound is thrown around in different spaces, and a heavier attitude to contrast with the almost soulful Go-Go Boots is not in keeping with their contemporary sound. Cooley was excited that with the reduction of members, DBT could channel more of their original country roots and really hone a singular sound. Unfortunately, whilst it doest at times sound more consistent than their previous work, the roots in that soulful experiment still remain, and Hood hasn't quite snapped out of that phase yet."
  • Yeah, I get some Soft Bulletin vibes on Pauline Hawkins
  • Another one :)
  • A review in portuguese of the newest english oceans, here
  • how is their new album?
  • Hi, you might be interested in / like to comment on this thread in the Drive-By Truckers group page...

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