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Fire and Brimstone (4:32)

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[\"The draconian laws of the King of Westmar left no man unaffected. In his will to restore order to Westmar and the lands beyond the Royal Guard was tenfold increased. Unruly elements among the populace was quickly sent to the gallows, the highland salt mines or worst of all; to the newly constructed and crowded factories filled with dark and twisted magical machinery, fuled by stinking ichors and run by gigantic cobs.
Elf and dwarf, once brothers to men, were all singled out and charged with various crimes and accounts of treason. The once lively elven district of Westmar made way for smoke-spewing chimneys, and the children of Val'inthor were rounded up and deported or worse. Public show trials and executions became a daily affair, and it was at such a spectacle that the Islander once more heard the name of his dreams being called out, with a voice so utterly familiar\"]

A pale sun rises

Songtext für Dragonland - Fire and Brimstone


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  • soo epic
  • first song i heard from this guy now i have all of their albums always love hearing this song
  • First time hearing this song. Love it. Love it. Love it.
  • Oh my goodness, this is so beautiful. Is that... is that... oh please tell me that's a harp I hear! Songs such as this are reminders that music can be an experience; as close to religion and spirituality as many will get, but that music can simply be synthesized as an aesthetic.
  • \m/
  • I can listen to Dragonland even when I have a headache! :)
  • Really like this album, a nice return to the tales of Dragonland!
  • The most underrated Power metal band there is! These guys could score a film and would win a Grammy for it!
  • One of my favorite songs from their new album.

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