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  • I love Dragonforces ballads.
  • My only ever "Slow Circle Pit" song, lol remember it so well at Download.
  • A nice song to have sex with.
  • Отлично!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Uwielbiam ich:)))
  • Perfect !!! So muss man eine Ballade spielen. !!
  • stop skipping damnit
  • Is it weird that this is one of my fav Dragonforce songs ever? It's just so beautiful, yet still in the vein of Dragonforce...
  • Great ending of album. :>
  • I really love the solo. [2]
  • Really great and I didn't expect a song like this by a band like that, it really stands out of the other songs.
  • best song EVER
  • i really love the solo.
  • Inhuman Rampage was such a damn good album...
  • Call me a pussy if you like, but THIS IS MY FAVORITE DRAGONFORCE SONG!!!!!!!
  • Seriously. My favorite DF song.
  • I love this ballad
  • Actually goes really well with Boulevard Of Broken Dreams by Green Day.
  • BEST DRAGONFORCE SONG EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Perfect!!
  • This one has to be the most annoying song on Inhuman Rampage.
  • epic ballad!
  • I love their power ballads. I can't get enough of the beautiful solo.
  • Realy love this song...
  • Awesome song
  • very very nice
  • lol i loved how df had people at download make a friendly circle pit for this, lol not seen that be asked before. It was cool.
  • Really beautiful song
  • This is a cool song, not as epic as some of their others but still a good listen.
  • When I hear this song, I picture ZP Theart as an epic warrior, in the middle of some New Zealand-like field... as the sun sets... his mystic battle condor that he has flown into battle so many times before is dying in his arms. He is singing this final ballad "fly away down the lonly roads of yesterday..." to his winged best friend. During the solo he's flashing back to all of their triumphs, trials, and tribulations. Once the chorus resumes... hes crying out one last time... he knows the inevitable is going to happen... and he just wants to cherish this one last moment with his dying battle condor
  • Amazing song, best on this cd
  • buen grupo!
  • great guitar solos
  • i fuckin moshed 2 dragonforce about 10 days ago kickass fuckin mosh pit big hits big serge about 6 dudes a fuckin huge stoke nothing like this sucky track
  • best of Inhuman Rampage. definitely.
  • what a washed-out fuckin track
  • Oh that one is really good! Dynamic, just fine.
  • yeeeeeehaaaaaa Dragonforce rulezzzz!!!
  • Dude like zomg
  • O_O one of the best ballads I've ever listened to...
  • <3 Dragonforce! xx
  • Good ballad, not as good as Dawn Over A New World or Starfire.
  • I love me some power ballads.
  • Они почти как и я играют...
  • great song, sticks out like a sore thumb on the album though.
  • http://s16.bitefight.es/c.php?uid=104431


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