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Draconian ist eine schwedische Doom Metal-Band aus Säffle.


1994 gründeten Johan Ericson, Jesper Stolpe und Andy Hindenäs die Death Metal Band Kerberos. Ein halbes Jahr später traf Anders Jacobsson zu der Formation, die ihren Namen daraufhin auf Draconian änderte.

Eine erste Demo, "Shades of the moon" erschien im Februar 1996. Eine weitere, "In Glorious Victory" wurde im Januar 1997 aufgenommen, aufgrund der Unzufriedenheit der Band mit der Tonqualität des Materials jedoch nicht veröffentlicht. Nach mehreren Veränderungen im Line-Up gingen… mehr erfahren



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  • Everything this band does is good.
  • Music video for "Pale Tortured Blue" (full collaborative cover) -
  • DRACONIAN - Stellar Tombs (Official Video) -
  • Best Swedish band together with Candlemass. Adding to the ongoing discussion; Yes Heike does sound like Sharon Den Adel but i have to say that this kind of music makes it more fair than the music Within Temptation play. Great replacement for the previous vocalist..
  • Sovran is great. I like this band.
  • @ MelancholyRage mm yeah, I also think Heike sounds very much like Sharon Den Adel although I don't agree WT's early stuff could ever have evolved into Sovran. It's not Draconian's best album but it's still light years ahead of most other bands - hooked from those fantastic opening riffs. I was worried Heike's voice might not blend with Anders' growls, the way Lisa's did, but it's a great combination.
  • vv THEN DO IT, THE HELL YOU WAITING FOR! I'll be honest: at first, I liked Sovran almost only because the vocals are much better balanced than they've ever been. Now I've started to get its best parts, I think a different order in the tracklist would have benefitted it: I find it hard to get through the monolithic, old school, The-Burning-Halo-Remastered first half until the fresher, more interesting, more progressive second-half kicks in. Thank goodness that little gem which is Pale Tortured Blue breaks the mold, because tracks 1-2 and 4-5 in that sequence are a brick in the face. But it really sounds like a transition album to, you know, get doomsters accustomed to – shock! – the line up change. I'm kinda eager to get over with it and hear what the band will pull off with Heike's creative influence available earlier on in the writing process.
  • The Failure Epiphany is easily one of my favourite songs Draconian have ever done, it's so good. Sovran is still sounding great to me though, it's a solid album and I reckon it's still got potential to grow on me.
  • Whoever runs the Draconian Facebook page is way too nice: At the point when they generously said "Appreciate the honesty. Makes us better :)", none of the criticism had been constructive. Then the OP complainer added "I really liked turning season within it's my favorite," and interestingly, the Draconian pagemaster replied with "Mine, as well. Especially production wise. And I love The Failure Epiphany. Wish we could take that progressive approach further." Well now I just feel SO LOST IN THIS REMEDY
  • New album sounds like what Within Temptation could have been if they had continued the sound from their first EP. Heike Langhans sounds so much like Sharon Den Adel.

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